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    • Well, the only reason to not go after him would be because we can't afford him.  So again it comes back to the harsh reality: He won't sign here, and we can't afford him.
    • If I sign back up as a Plus member will it eliminate the 403 error codes that continually come up? They lock it down and the only way to get in is to completely leave and start over.
    • I’m not sure if I’d say he’s the greatest free agent of all time, simply because of his age.  This is his age 29 season, and just barely, as he turns 30 on July 5.   He’s certainly the most unique free agent of all time.   Is he more likely to produce more value in his 30’s than ARod produced from age 25 on?   I’m skeptical of that.   I won’t say it’s impossible, but it’s not that likely.  
    • Helps them win the World Series four out of six years? Ohtani has been with the Angels for five years and they haven't even had a winning season with Ohtani on the team. That includes 2019 when Mike Trout was the AL MVP. Ohtani is a great player and a great story, but thinking one signing will magically bring World Series titles and economic bliss is fool's gold. Arod and the Texas Rangers are an excellent example of how similar justifications were made for the signing, the player performed great, the team included a lot of other star names, and yet the Rangers had losing seasons every year Arod was on the team despite Arod's AL MVP performance in 2003 and he was runner-up to the MVP in 2002. These things don't work out. 
    • With the understanding it’s a pipe dream and won’t happen, in theory, he would be the guy to give $500M to. You are getting a top of the rotation arm and a middle of the order bat all in one.  Your strength is the farm system, so you have cost controlled guys supporting him.  You have a roster advantage, I believe, where you can carry a ninth bullpen guy. (Not sure if there is a caveat here, but it seems like it would be the case.     The rise in Japanese interest in the team would offset the cost more than say getting Soto. I’d absolutely do it.
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