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  1. Only 20000 posts away from being CEO of a fortune 500 company. Congrats.
  2. "Dr." I think you flatter yourself. You actually think morons like the losers who post 3000, 10000, 17000+ times on this board (talk about real winners here) would get away with the kind of crap they throw around on this board. You say something they don't agree with and you're all of a sudden an idiot. Tell me who in the real world wouldn't get in someone's face if they said that to them. I live in LA. Many places in this city you idiots- yes all of you who posted insults on this thread are truly morons, idiots - many places in this city you wouldn't be walking home, that's for sure. Even in provincial Baltimore, I'm sure there might be someone who'd ask you to reconsider your comments in a most insistent manner. I wasn't threatening anyone as you well know, troublemaking fool. I was pointing out that if these idiots said the things to me to my face, we'd be having a different conversation and you know it. That's life. Just like if anyone said these things to you or to them. Well I leave your oriole soviet to you fascist, moronic, closed minded provincial fools who love the local faded-hero from a bygone era.
  3. Ban me for what? Speaking my mind and responding in kind to ridiculous character assasinations? Not one of you geniuses has yet stood up and said: "Jim Palmer is a great broadcaster." Because you know he sucks. Everyone does. You just love him because he's an O. Well I appreciate what he did 40 years ago too. But that isn't a permanent life pass. And I don't see an hammer and a sickle on this site, do I? This isn't the soviet union yet is it? free speech and all that. I'm an O's fan since 1969. I expect I've loved them far longer than most of you on this board. So excuse me if I don't spend my life on a ridiculous forum and know every fact about baseball and I missed that someone died. Wow! amazing!
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