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  1. I see that Stoudt made his professional debut in the 2022 season after recovering from TJ surgery. In that short span of time he was pitching in the majors the following year - after a trade, being waived, and back to Seattle. I know college pitchers move quickly, and he obviously earned to some extent his MLB debut and more very quickly, but that's a heck of quick road to travel after TJ. I think this could be quite a nice acquisition. He'll be in the hands of a good pitching development program (Kremer, Wells, Rodriguez, Bradish, Bautista) and I hope he'll have an option or 2.
  2. Excellent metaphor! We will need a more solid bullpen come October, which additions from outside the organization.
  3. Thank you Tony. Yeah, I don't have much of a feel for that whole scenario that took place. The glove throwing seems like nothing compared to the bat tossing, dugout trashing stuff we see every season. And then there's the human side behind the outburst, etc., as we've all read. I hope he gets a chance somewhere.
  4. That makes good sense. It may also help us keep him should he have to go back on waivers and clears.
  5. I've always rooted for Jorge and he loved his time here. Not sure what the analytics are telling the FO, but I assume they are fine and something our pitching program can make better. I don't see us giving him a major league job right off the bat. Who would be option or release? A minor league deal with an opt out would be ideal for us, and maybe for Jorge as well. One wildcard in my scenario is whether Jorge just wants to be with his family and slow it all down for awhile. I think that it what I would do if I was him and not a chubby, 5 foot 10 inch 62 year old who can't barely even throw a rock.
  6. Do you know if he is doing that because of the Camden Yards dimensions? It makes sense if he is, being in the AL East and the parks to be visited.
  7. Thank you for allowing me to join. We obviously have more pressing issues to deal with. And you all have probably been over this a hundred times. I was thinking about the prospect of losing the Santander and Hays right-handed at-bats in the OF soon (Hays will of course continue to fight into next year) and then I looked at our OF depth and saw almost all lefties in the wings. Maybe Mayo, Norby and Rhodes will become factors, but when you get right down to it, I don't see a RH hitting, starting OF'er on the horizon. Am I missing something? Not a big deal right now, but seems like an outlier thing.
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