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  1. ...because his xERA was even higher than I initially stated? Honestly though I really don't think it's worth diving too much into Grayson's 2023 numbers because it's such a small sample size. He initially struggled then came back and had some success, which is certainly a positive sign. And he seems to be trending in the right direction, which is great. I just think it's a little early to put him on the same level as a pitcher like Cease. I hope he continues to progress, but to say that he's already at the Cease level seems very premature to me.
  2. I honestly don't think you believe half the things that you write when you respond to my posts. It really feels like you're just arguing just for the sake of arguing because in some weird way you think I've wronged you. I think it would probably be best if I just didn't engage you again.
  3. Appreciate the correction (mistakes happen) and it would seem to support my argument even more.
  4. This is where I am. I'm optimistic as well, but you have to at least ground that optimism in at least a semblance of reality. We're discussing whether Rodriguez is a better pitcher than Cease right now and honestly we should probably be having that conversation about him versus Bradish. I imagine there are plenty of GMs out there who would prefer Cease over Bradish in 2024. I hope they're wrong, but the general sentiment in the industry is that they're expecting him (Bradish) to regress.
  5. I said exactly what I meant to say. There's no GM in baseball who's taking (just for the 2024 season) a a young pitcher with three months of MLB success over a pitcher who's had four successfully seasons, including one in which he finished as the runner up for the Cy Young, and who's already demonstrated the ability to be a workhorse.
  6. ...and if you actually look under the hood Rodriguez had an xERA of 3.93 and his high strikeout rate in the minors didn't translate to the majors, which is a bit concerning. I like Rodriguez as much as next guy, but to say that a player who only has three good MLB months under his belt (so far) is better RIGHT NOW than a youngish veteran who has a 2nd place Cy Young finish to his credit seems like a real stretch to me.
  7. Thank goodness (myself included!).
  8. He very well might, but you can't say he's a better pitcher at this very moment.
  9. Fortunately you’re not a MLB GM!
  10. That wasn’t the point of my reply. I was specially addressing that another poster said Cease would slot behind Rodriguez in our 2024 rotation. Service time, age, and additional years didn’t factor into the conversation. Cease is a better pitcher than Rodriguez right now. That was my point.
  11. If you truly believe that the Trevor Bauer doubters are the ones doing the bullying on social media (and not his apologists) then I think you might want to do bit more research. The hate and vitriol they spew is on par with the Dave Portnoy / Barstool Sports fan boys.
  12. I get that, but even a mediocre Cease (i.e., not 2022) is a significantly more valuable MLB pitcher than Grayson Rodriguez at this point in their careers. Maybe that changes after this season, but I doubt that there is a single MLB team that would take Rodriguez over Cease just for the 2024 season.
  13. Uhmmm, excuse me sir, I have Jim Traber on the line and he would like a...word.
  14. I'm probably one of the biggest Dylan Cease 2022 doubters out there, but to say that he would slot behind Grayson Rodriguez in terms of talent/ability (at least right now) might be one of the most blind homeristic takes I've ever read on this message board.
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