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  1. He could, but I'm not a fan of that. I'd rather see him get used to pitching every 2 to 3 days or even back to back to learn that recovery skill.
  2. I'll be honest, I'm very interested in seeing how Johnson is used this spring and this season. With current bullpen needs I can see the Orioles being tempted to convert him and take a look. He's not going to open the season with the Orioles, but I could see a path for him to pitch some innings out of the pen in the second half in Baltimore if he's converted to a reliever.
  3. Tony-OH

    Carter Baumler

    It is. do you have a bookmark that takes you only to the Orioles Talk forum? You may want to bookmark this https://forum.orioleshangout.com/forums/ so you can see them all.
  4. Me too. A 37.5% K rate in AA for a 23-year old is a pretty big red flag for me. Doesn't mean he doesn't have other attributes that makes him interesting which is why he's still in my top 30, but yeah, he's got more questions than answers at this point.
  5. Tony-OH

    Carter Baumler

    You can't find the minor league forum?
  6. Hard to say really. He has a good arm and can play SS effectively so he's a nice piece to have in the org. He has good exit velocities but seems to struggle with off speed. He's 26 this year. At first blush, probably in the 35-50 range somewhere. Certainly would not be a top 30 guy for me and the fact he made it through waivers suggests teams think he has a hole in his game that he won't be able to close. Either way, nice AAA depth piece and definitely needed so it's nice he made it through and they were able to stash him.
  7. 100%.. That always tells us as much as coming into camp in the "best shape of their career." Nice to know Irvin had a nice offseason and a sense of humor.
  8. There wasn't much being said about Mullins because he was such a low draft pick. Here was his profile page when drafted..
  9. Feel free to provide any injury or news about any players in this thread to help me track! Thanks.
  10. This is where you can track all of the players in camp. Once players are cut they will be placed in the cut section. Starters Will Make Team barring injury Corbin Burnes (RHP) 2/21: Will start season as the TOR this team needed, and really needed once Bradish went out. Grayson Rodriguez (RHP) 2/21: Should be the 2nd starter behind Burnes and is looking to continue his second half success last year. Dean Kremer (RHP) 2/21: Injuries to Bradish and Means solidifies his starter's role even if the Orioles acquire another starter. Tyler Wells (RHP) 2/21: Wells is going to make the team regardless but now has a real chance to stick as a starter vs the bullpen role he was destained for before the injuries. Bubble Cole Irvin (LHP) 2/21: Odds on favorite to claim the 5th starter's spot afte the injuries but will still need to start the year better than he did in 2023 when he pitched himself to Norfolk. Long Shots Bruce Zimmermann (LHP) 2/21: Did not have a great 2023 season overall, but pitched well enough to keep his roster spot and could make the team as a long reliever potenitally if he loses out on teh 5th starter job. Chayce McDermott (RHP) (NRI) 2/21: Probably destine for Norfolk's rotation but his impact stuff could help in a bullpen that is weakened by the injuries to the starters so keep an eye on what role he's used in and if he's pitching against major leaguers earlier in games or minor leaguers later. Cade Povich (LHP) (NRI) 2/21: Destined to start the year in Norfolk's rotation once again, but it will be interesting to see how the team uses him in spring. Could be an option later in the season if he's pitching well. Jonathan Heasley (RHP) 2/21: With option remaining he's heading to Norfolk or perhaps will get a look in a bullpen role, but mostly Norfolk's rotation for depth. Cuts Relievers Will Make Team barring injury Craig Kimbrel (RHP) 2/21: Offseason acquisition comes into teh season as the closer Cionel Pérez (LHP) 2/21: No optins and coming off a very good second half, he's in the bullpen barring injury and should pitch in high leverage situations against tough lefties. Yennier Cano (RHP) 2/21: Amazing the difference in year makes. Came into camp last year as an after thought and ended up an All-Star. Will be the main setup guy to Kimbrel. Danny Coulombe (LHP) 2/21: Found a home in the Orioles bullpen and will be there once again barring a disaster. Mike Baumann (RHP) 2/21: With no options remaining and with the injuries, Baumann has to be a lock to start the year in the pen on opening day this year. Jacob Webb (RHP) 2/21: Some may not see him as a lock, but with no options and great numbers last year with the Orioles, he's starting the year in the pen barring a total implosion of stuff. Bubble Dillon Tate (RHP) 2/21: Most people see him as a lock, but he hasn't pitched well since 2022, is coming off an injury, and has two options so he's going to have to pitch well to make the team: Keegan Akin (LHP) 2/21: Got a big boost with the slow recovery of Means which probably moves Irvin to the rotation and opens up a spot for Akin if he throws well. Bryan Baker (RHP) 2/21: Definitely on the bubble but with an option, he could head to Norfolk if there is no space Kaleb Ort (RHP) 2/21: Newly acquired with major league experience, Ort has an option but the Orioles like the raw stuff so could surprise. Long Shots Nick Vespi (LHP) 2/21: Probably more of a long shot since he has options and Akin is probably ahead of him on the left-handed pecking order, but he'll battle in camp for a roster spot. Seth Johnson (RHP) 2/21: Nice arm who has not pitched a lot and is getting up in years for a prospect. The Orioles may give him a look in a relief role and move him quick, but other wise he's heading to Bowie to start. Matt Krook (LHP) 2/21: Similar to Vespi, but his swing and miss numbers on his junk are impressive in AAA. Cuts Non Roster Invitees to get a look Justin Armbruester (RHP) Wandisson Charles (RHP) Tucker Davidson (LHP) Luis González (LHP) Ronald Guzmán (LHP) Garrett Stallings (RHP) Andrew Suárez (LHP) Albert Suárez (RHP) Nathan Webb (RHP) Catchers Will Make Team barring injury Adley Rutschman 2/21: All-star returns and hopes to improve upon his offensive numbers a bit from last year James McCann 2/21: The backup Cuts Non Roster Invitees to catch pens Silas Ardoin Samuel Basallo 2/21: Super Prospect has micro fracture in throwing arm and will DH. David Bañuelos Maverick Handley Michael Pérez 1st Baseman Will Make Team barring injury Ryan Mountcastle 2/21: Most likely the everyday 1B but needs to hit righties better or could lose playing time to O'Hearn/Santander Bubble Ryan O'Hearn 2/21: Yes, he's probably making the team, but if the Orioles are going to find PAs for Kjerstad, they are going to come at his expense so he could get moved. Long Shots Cuts 2nd Baseman Will Make Team barring injury Jordan Westburg 2/21 - Comes into the season as the starter at 2B or 3B, if Jackson Holliday wins the job. Bubble Jackson Holliday (2B/SS) (NRI) 2/21: Is going to get a long look at 2B to see if he's ready. Keep an eye on how often he plays 2B vs 3B and where Westburg plays a lot in spring training. Long Shots Connor Norby (NRI) 2/21: Most players coming off his AAA season would have a major league job, but Norby will need an injury to make it. Could also get looks in outfield. Cuts Shortstop Will Make Team barring injury Gunnar Henderson 2/21: Comes in as the everyday SS this year though could see some 3B on occasion again Third baseman Most Likely will make team Ramon Urias 2/21: Seems weird to be going for it and still having Urias be a starter at 3B, so if Jackson Holliday looks ready at 2B, Westburg moves over to take 3B. Urias would then most likely still make team as a utility player Bubble Coby Mayo (NRI) 2/21 - Mayo looked ready at the end of the year but the Orioles have been quiet about him having a legitimate shot at making the team. Long Shots Tyler Nevin 2/21 - In a weird world where some injuries occur, the Orioles might want a right-handed bat on the bench and Nevin could be the guy. Cuts Utility Will Make Team barring injury Jorge Mateo 2/21: As the only legitimate defensive SS option if Holliday doesn't make the team, Mateo will make the team. Plus they are talking about him backing up Mullins in CF more this year so more of a super utility who can't hit much. Bubble Nick Maton 2/21 - As a left-handed hitting infielder who can play 2B and 3B, although not very well, Maton could make it as a handicap for Urias and Westburg against tough righties on occasion. Outfielders Will Make Team barring injury Austin Hays 2/21 - Starting left fielder coming off an All-Star season. Cedric Mullins 2/21: Starting CF but could see less time against lefties. Anthony Santander 2/21: Starting right fielder but could see time at 1B and DH Most Likely will make team Heston Kjestad 2/21: Can't see the Orioles sending him back to AAA even though there is no currently an everyday role for him barring a move of O'Hearn. Should see time in RF and DH, and maybe 1B if he improved defensively there. Bubble Sam Hilliard 2/21 - Acquired as a 4th/5th outfielder, he's a good defensive outfielder and bats left-handed and could spell all three outfield spots. Long Shots Colton Cowser 2/21: Hard to see how he forces his way onto the roster since they would prefer he play everyday vs part-time. But can play all three outfield spots but Hilliard seems ahead of him. Daniel Johnson (NRI) 2/21: Heading to AAA for depth, but will get a look. Ryan McKenna 2/21: The acquisition of Hilliard and Mateo playing CF kind of spells doom for McKenna making the team out of spring training without an injury. Kyle Stowers 2/21: Ready, but where does he play? Kjerstad and Cowser ahead of him and Hilliard's defensive abilities give him a leg up as well. Cuts Injured List Felix Bautista (RHP) - Closer will most likely miss the 2024 season after TJ surgery last October. Kyle Bradish (RHP) - UCL sprain in January offseason work. Got PRP injections that will take 4-6 weeks for recovery then ramp up. Could be out until May/June or need TJ Surgery. Will start year on IL. John Means (LHP) - Slow recovery after being shut down last Fall, Will start year on IL. They say he's a "month behind".
  11. I don't think the Orioles do very much with the players they drafted in that first taste of pro ball, especially with the draft being so late now and players not really getting a lot of professional PAs that first season. I'm sure they evaluated him and have him working on things this offseason, so we'll get a better gauge of him as a player in that first full season. Some guys have games that allow them to be very successful at low levels but that won't translate to high levels of the minors or the major leagues. Bradfield is a bit of a wildcard with a nice upside if he can drive the ball a little more. His elite eye at the plate is going allow him to have a very high OBP if he can show even the slightest bit of ability to do damage or the ability to fight off pitches until he gets that walk or gets a pitch he can put in play well. The range is already major league elite, but his arm is well below average from what I saw in a few throws so that will limit the "elite defense" angle, but he'll cover a heck of a lot with that speed. I'm looking forward to watching his progress this season because he's one of the bigger wildcards for me and I think that first full season will tell us a lot.
  12. Perhaps, but I think we need a full season of stats from Bradfield to get a better feel for his power numbers than his adjustment to pro ball. But I do agree that he will need to show some ability to drive the ball more often and not hit so many balls on the ground despite his elite speed.
  13. True, but he also did it in a pitcher's friendly ballpark and league.
  14. He started to throw the cutter a little bit last year for a few pitches and had success. Have to wonder of the Orioles see that as the way ahead for him. Worth a shot especially for cash considerations. He's one of those conundrum pitchers where his results don't match his stuff and it's totally obvious why.
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