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  1. Norby was reportedly pinched hit for in Norfolk. Hopefully that's not because of Westburg.
  2. Cortes is going to torture the Orioles forever for giving up on him so fast after they took him in thr Rule 5 draft.
  3. Or, he's just having an off command game.
  4. Not a lot of command of the offspeed pitches for Suarez tonight.
  5. And Ortiz was why I as willing to part with Westburg. The problem is the was probably don't get Burnes without Ortiz so that really wasn't on the table. I'd rather have Burnes for this year than Cease for two.
  6. I do think Kjerstad is a prime guy, who has the most trade value, that the Orioles may be willing to part with at the trading deadline. Kjerstad most likely will end up a better hitter than Stowers, but that's also why he has more trade value.
  7. At the end of the day, it's Boras' job to get his players as much money as possible. That has worked out in some cases, and not with others. Hopefully the "winning" environment here will encourage players like Gunnar and Adley to sign extensions. I'd love to hear that the Orioles signed Henderson to a 10-year contract because he is a franchise guy. Adley is a catcher so that scares me more, but I'd be willing to extend him until he's 31 or 32. Gunnar though is the key and I think the Orioles know this. He's one of the best players in the league, he's fast, athletic, and barring a serious injury, there is no doubt he's going to be one of the best players in the league for a long, long time.
  8. Baseball is a funny game sometimes, but you're right, we are going to battle with starters that were not even projected for the opening day rotation. Yet, here we are. Obviously anytime we have a series against the Yankees it's big, but even if we lose 2 of 3, we'd only be 2.5 games back. The loss of Coulombe is huge and that bothers me more than the starters honestly. Perez, Akin, Baker and Tate filling key roles if Cano or Kimbrel is not available does not make me feel great. Baker threw the ball in his debut back and has been throwing well in AAA for a bit, so maybe he's a little bit of lightning in a bottle that this team needs in the pen.
  9. Count me in, but the Orioles have never really subscribed to that theory of splitting time like that. They really put an emphasis on everyday players and bench players with everyday players rarely getting days off.
  10. That barrel% regression is really surprising. I haven't looked into his repertoire or to see if there is some difference in how he's pitching, but that's a crazy drop off. I wanted him and was willing to give up Westburg for him before the Burnes trade. I'm glad I'm not the Orioles GM now! lol Saying that, I do think the Orioles may have gotten a bit better out of him. Plus, out of those last seven starts, he's really only pitched poorly twice including the last game where he allowed seven runs to balloon his ERA. With all the injuries we've head, I still wouldn't be upset with him in the rotation now. But if Suarez can keep it up and start getting through 6 more often, he's basically what we had hoped Cease would have been for us.
  11. You've never really been a Stowers guy and have always put a huge emphasis on K-BB ratio. While I agree that K-BB ratio can be important, I believe you had misgivings with Mountcastle as he moved up the chain for the same reason. Stowers is always going to have a lot of miss, but he's not getting much regular playing time and pinch-hitting against relievers is not normally a time to work pitchers so I'm not surprised he's been more aggressive. I still think if Stowers was given 500 PAs he's going to hit 25-30 bombs and put up an OPS north of .780. And I think he's improved his defense enough that I would feel ok with him in LF in Camden Yards.
  12. Mullins is a guy that has very little chance of getting an extension or a large contract from anyone. He makes sense as a 4th outfielder type on a team with a right-handed hitting CF, something the Orioles won't have unless Jud Fabian just completely turns it on. I have to imagine this will be Mullins last year with the Orioles, which should move Cowser into center opening up left field for Stowers next year.
  13. Tony-OH

    Coby Mayo 2024

    It's a great question. I really don't think Stowers was as slow as his first spring speeds. He never seemed that slow in the minors so I was surprised by his original times. Now maybe he did do some speed training to help him improve, but I also think he may not have been 100% when he came up the first time. But since this is Mayo's thread, I'd be very surprised if he's not activated today back to the Norfolk roster.
  14. Obviously you really didn't get the point of the thread if that is all you got out of it. I'll be honest, if that's the best you have to offer, please try and avoid quoting me in your replies as to not waste my time.
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