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  1. That would be ideal. I couldn't find a match that felt right, but maybe you have something in mind?
  2. A trade idea with the LAA Angels: O's receive RH Closer Carlos Estevez (31) FA after this season Angels receive RH Starter Jackson Baumeister & RH Reliever Trace Bright This seems about right, though I might be convinced that we're not giving up enough.
  3. 6) We very well may trade one or more. That would go into the equation for Elias to consider. Perhaps having the top or one of the top farm systems in the game can offer plenty without losing any of our Big 4? I've seen it happen plenty of times before. 7) I get this too. Where indeed? Perhaps we acquire Fedde from the CWS... and he cost us no one in the Top 5? Maybe Cal Quantrill? Again, we have an excellent farm system. But if Elias feels he needs to trade Mayo or Kjerstad, etc, in order to do what's best for the franchise, that's what he'll do.
  4. 3) Elias has never had the same circumstances. He may not trade any of his top prospects, so the possibility exists they will be coming up to start the season. Mayo and Kjerstad have nothing left to prove at AAA and would already be playing for half (or more) of the teams in the league if they weren't O's prospects. I agree with you that having essentially 4 or 5 rookies all starting at the same time is not ideal, but we'll see it how it plays out. 4) I mentioned Santander as someone that may move on. How is that wrong? He is a FA. I think O'Hearn stays and wasn't implying his not being brought back, but rather that he shouldn't be counted on to start regularly in RF. I mentioned Mountcastle returning as a starter, but also said the possibility exists of his being dealt this off-season to make room for Mayo. I'd say the odds are low, but a possibility. Again... I'm not saying what will happen, but rather that Elias has many decisions to make/consider because of the current roster construction and pending construction next year and beyond. BTW, I also would not be opposed to a three-year type extension for Santander. That could make sense, all things considered.
  5. You bring up some of the reasons that Elias has so much to consider. Santander is a FA and both Hays and Mullins are certainly not guaranteed to be brought back at this time. So I don't see it as jettisoning "all vets" but potentially moving on from the questionable production of Hays and Mullins. You don't believe it's wise to have rookies like Holliday, Mayo and Kjerstad up next season and learning to hit big league pitching at the same time. I understand. Coming up at mid-season could be an issue, but to start next season Elias, IMHO, will have no qualms in having all three up. He's been building an elite pipeline for five years to get to this point; a point of annual WS contention with tremendous talent filling out our roster. That talent will be ready come 2025, if not already. Unless something changes, Urias, Hays and Mullins will not prevent that. Who will be playing where is one of those things Elias will need to determine. It's going to be intriguing to see how it all plays out.
  6. Why 2025+ is important in any trade discussions ... just with regards to position players: There is a chance the Orioles will have two openings in the outfield beginning next season. Any or all of Santander, Mullins, and Hays could be gone after the season. If that happened, it would leave Cowser as the only high-probability starter. Odds are Cowser would be our CF, but regardless, we'd need to fill those two other spots. Replacement candidates for COF's, IMHO, are Kjerstad, Norby, and Stowers. In that group it would seem that only Stowers can play solid defensively in the outfield. FWIW I don't believe Beavers or Fabian or Cook would be strongly considered to start, nor do I expect Elias to ask Holliday to get reps in CF or Mayo in RF (even though both have merit). Ryan O'Hearn can play a decent-at-best RF but should not be counted on to start there. So, if we deal away any of Kjerstad, Norby or Stowers, we'd weaken our options beyond this season. Again, this assumes we would not attempt to resign/extend Santander (big assumption) or bring back Mullins and Hays with the intention of them starting. As well, beginning next season we may find ourselves in an interesting situation within the infield. With Mountcastle at 1B, Gunnar at SS and Westburg at either 3B or 2B, there would only be room for either Holliday or Mayo to start regularly. One possible solution is trading Mountcastle this off-season. That would allow Mayo to take over at 1B, assuming the O's would be comfortable with his defense at 1B. Another less likely way to resolve the matter is having Mayo getting a crash course this winter in playing RF OR having Holliday do the same in CF. Again, not anticipating either. Naturally, there is always the possibility of trading for an outfielder or signing one. My point is that there is much to consider in weighing this season versus future seasons. Watching it all unfold fascinating.
  7. I'm very interested to learn more about Delmarva's 19-year-old ss Leandro Arias. The young man has an .870 OPS (.267/.379/.491) in 140 PA's thus far this season. Pretty impressive. I see he's a switch-hitter and is listed at 6'1-155. Another note is he was born on 2/5/05 in Santiago, DR. Any further info/scouting on him would be appreciated.
  8. Cal Quantrill (29) of the Rockies would be an interesting target for the rotation. He has 1 1/2 years of control remaining and wouldn't cost a ton.
  9. In the ongoing discussion of CF targets, there is always the possibility that Cowser becomes the CF moving forward. He's shown great improvement this season over what we saw last year. Naturally, that would open another hole in LF, though LF is easier to fill than CF. I prefer Cowser in LF, as it's a large territory to cover and he does a great job doing it, but that doesn't mean the idea of his taking over in CF is invalid. The hope is that Mullins regains a facsimile of his prior form and puts this discussion on the backburner. Keyword=hope... but I don't think any of us are counting on it.
  10. Not @Aristotelian but I think he is sharing some possibilities if those teams decide to sell before the deadline.
  11. Wow... hadn't seen that. Thanks. I agree, too risky.
  12. Bowden earlier today behind TheAthletic paywall: This has nothing directly to do with us, but I found it... interesting:
  13. One interesting aspect of valuing a target is how well they are performing this season in comparison to prior seasons. Are they notably better thus far this season, or notably worse? Kyle Finnegan, the Nats closer is an example of a pitcher that is having a career year as their closer. One may be buying high if the Nats were agreeable to trade him (I understand they are in the wild card race, but to illustrate a point, let's ignore that.) There are other examples, but I'd be curious to know how GM's look at it. I would expect a regression for Finnegan, unless there were something new in his arsenal that led to the uptick. There is so much to weigh. Jesus Luzardo (26) is having a down year after two very good seasons in Miami. In 2022 he had a 3.32 ERA & 3.12 FIP. In 2023 he had a 3.58 ERA & 3.55 FIP. This season he has a 5.00 ERA & 4.25 FIP. Might Luzardo be a bow low candidate? Naturally there can be various factors for doing better or worse than prior seasons, but it must make for some interesting discussions between these teams.
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