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  1. Kopech would not be the major bullpen move. He would be a guy to pitch in set up to help our tired bullpen right now. We still need a Miller, Romano, etc… type.
  2. Bringing McDermott up in the next 10-14 days as a reliever wouldn’t hurt his development as a SP too much. We’d get to get a good read on what he can do before the trade deadline. Also, what about the whole theory of letting guys learn to get mlb hitters out at the MLB level. Fire em up baby. He can always go back to starting if it doesn’t work, then he’ll have a whole offseason to get ready as a SP again. At the end of the day, these dudes our baseball players. The role thing, is overblown.
  3. Yeah, but their demands are high as heck. They probably want one of Beavers, Kjerstad, Povich, McDermott, or EBJ.
  4. We need @Sports Guyto negotiate a trade for Kopech over on the dark side. Fabian and Norby?
  5. We probably shouldn’t leave town without Kopech.
  6. May-teo .836 OPS this month. Incredible range at 2B. Strong arm too. 3 HR, 5 SB, 3 2B, 1 3B.
  7. Agreed. Plus he knows our pitchers, he spent a whole ST with them, he knows our analytics, what would even 100 OPS pts gain? I’d keep an eye on a blockbuster trade with Toronto where we get Romano, Danny Jansen the C, and Justin Turner as our vet bat for the postseason. Not to go too far off the deep end after a reasonable McCann take.
  8. We need to see what we have in McDermott. There’s two months until the deadline. Let him make 3-4 relief appearances over 10-12 days and call him up. If he fails, he can just go back to starting.
  9. Heasley isn’t a part of our bullpen. He was just a fresh arm call up because of the Means IL. Here’s a situation where options are so valuable. We lose a guy like Baumann because he’s out of options and rotate a guy like Heasley in. Overall though, our bullpen doesn’t scare anyone. Other teams got out guys throwing 98 plus. Like the Phillies. It’s demoralizing. We could really use a shot in the arm by making an early trade for Tanner Scott or Michael Kopech. But we will option Heasley today. Bryan Baker has had some success. Tate could be that guy. McDermott is intriguing too. My prediction is that we evaluate our in house options before making a trade. But we need a “scary” arm. These arms are regular season arms.
  10. DiSar sounds like something that abstinence prevents.
  11. Eh, gotta produce when you get ABs in the MLB. No excuses. He’s had 16 more ABs than Jackson Holliday. You can’t be a bat carrying prospect and not hit. You’re a historian… David Newhan and Howie Clark hit the ground running. Keep in mind I like Heston Kjerstad and his story. But he’s gotta produce.
  12. Remember that one time we had a 6 man rotation?
  13. Fair? What’s fair? He got ABs last September. Didn’t improve his doo doo defense over the offseason. Got lots of ABs in ST. Got ABs up here this season. Keep in mind that I like Kjerstad. But Geez… force your way onto the darn team. We’re a 100 win team. He’s not just going to be handed 100 straight PAs. He has 14 more MLB PA than Jackson Holliday.
  14. Hilliard is having a big year in AAA. Could we revisit him? https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=hillia000sam 11 HR, 1.000+ OPS. Can play CF. PCL tho. Didn’t get much of a look in ST. Sometimes you can go back to the backup QB.
  15. There’s probably a shorter curve for Santa to figure it out versus Kjerstad’s learning curve at the MLB level. It is what it is. Kjerstad had ABs up here. Man, these dudes have been playing baseball their whole lives. He should’ve done something. His defense sucked too. I really like Kjerstad, cool story overcoming myocarditis, but produce bro. Not shedding tears for him.
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