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  1. The radar I'm looking at makes it look like it's dumping on Ellicott City and fading before it even gets to OPACY.
  2. Wondering if they'll even play.
  3. Ha when he actually throws a strike lol
  4. Did AJ just say Adley was "massaging the balls back into the strike zone" wtaf
  5. Blue Jays already helped us out today
  6. Great camera choices, MASN.
  7. Yes I saw that too, he almost started turning his body for momentum to get the runner at first before even picking the ball. He's just gotta at least stop that ball though.
  8. Good thing the pen is somewhat rested. Going to have to get someone up soon or just let him roast out there.
  9. You gotta stop that ball, Jorge...
  10. This is not the start I was hoping for.
  11. Westburg is such a solid player, what a nice swing that was
  12. Especially after he missed only...... ONE GAME Next week: "Judge misses 2 games due to hangnail"
  13. That ERA up to 2.77 so far
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