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  1. Honest question. You could argue the addition of Burnes was a major boost, but we had a full year of Bradish last year. Henderson and Rutschman seem to be hitting better this year than last year. Bullpen seemed a bit better last year. I think last year's team was a bit stronger and better overall... The hitting seemed more consistent too (Until the last few weeks of the season and the playoffs where it just vanished).
  2. Trade NONE of them! Keep Holliday, Mayo, Basallo! (I'd even try to keep Kjerstad too!). Package Stowers, McDermott, Norby, Bradfield, Beavers and 2 other lower minors guys!
  3. Today was just additional confirmation of what everyone has known for a long time: We desperately need both starting and relief pitching. (And also for some strange reason we absolutely suck with the bases loaded). We kind of needed starting pitching before Bradish went down. Now, we desperately need starting pitching- possibly 2 decent starters (I'm still worried about Kremer even though he's been pretty good this year overall). We need 2 good relievers too. Ouch. That's a lot of pitchers to need. Today was just a stark reminder of that. Povich certainly looks like he needs some more time at Norfolk. And don't forget, this was the A's lineup- the 29th in the MLB... Sadly, we don't have any pitchers in the minors who can help. I'm not sure McDermott will ever have enough control to be succsssful and he's nowhere near ready for the MLB.
  4. A previous GM for the O's (I forgot who) once said the plan was to grow the arms and buy the bats. This seemed like a good strategy at first. Pitching is extremely expensive especially if you are trying to sign them as free agents. I think this strategy failed, however, because of the rate of attrition of major league pitchers. Many get injured. Some never develop their secondary pitches or good control and command. The new MO seems to be to grow the bats and use surplus to acquire pitching. So far, the results seem promising... Thoughts?
  5. The 28 year old outfielder is having a fine season. OPS .910. Hit his 13th HR tonight. Obviously too old to be a prospect and his career numbers before this year were fairly pedestrian...
  6. TJ was inevitable as soon as we learned about the UCL injury in the Spring. Hindsight is 20/20- we probably would have been better off just getting it over with in the Spring so he could pitch in 2025. Now we lose this season and next...ouch.... I say we keep Holliday and Mayo. Try to keep Basallo. Part with anyone else to try to get some pitching...
  7. Looks like he went 14-0 one year... That is a successful season!
  8. I am sad to say our International Pipeline has been really disappointing. Basallo certainly seems like the best of the bunch and may become an impact player down the road. Arias has shown some potential, and we have a few pitchers in the lower ranks of the minors showing some potential... but the position prospects have by and large completely tanked....
  9. DocJJ

    DSL Orioles 2024

    Magallanes with 4 more K's in 2 scoreless innings today! May he be the next Felix Bautista! (only the super skinny version!!!)
  10. DocJJ

    Edgar Portes 2024

    He's too good to expose to rule 5. If I'm the A's, I claim him. Must protect.
  11. Some of it was good stuff and command of the curve... a lot of it was a feeble Braves lineup... He threw a fair number of pitches that good hitting teams would have creamed... Still, you have to love tonight's gutsy effort...
  12. DocJJ

    DSL Orioles 2024

    That doesn't even seem physiologically possible?? I'm super skinny at 5'9 150. This guy is 14 inches taller than I am and almost the same weight? I would have to think that's a typo....
  13. DocJJ

    DSL Orioles 2024

    Magallanes is listed at 6'7 170 lbs!!! Someone feed the poor man a steak!!! or two!!!
  14. Depending on Coulombe's injury, we may need 2 or even 3 relievers- and good ones... I'd keep: Holliday, Basallo, Mayo, and Kjerstad. I'd be ok trading: Norby, Beavers, Bradfield, and anyone else... Thoughts?
  15. Poor guy can't buy a hit these days....
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