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  1. The latter is hosting SNL next week, so Moose had better set his DVR!
  2. 9/9 69. Guess I’m an idiot. Picked the most popular answer for the two Red Sox players who played for other teams. I couid have done better if I’d spent more time there.
  3. Neither Cowser nor Kjerstad would be a big favorite to contend for Rookie of the Year. Obviously it could happen, but neither one figures to get 500+ at bats even if they’re on the roster on Day 1. Especially if they’re BOTH on the roster. So ROY is pretty far fetched in their cases.
  4. 7 wins, 1 loss. Even the loss was on a split squad day.
  5. Gunnar is taking full effort BP, zero reason to think he’ll be on the IL.
  6. Good analysis, Tony. As to the outfield, let’s not forget that (1) McKenna is out of options and will have to be exposed to waivers if he doesn’t make the team, whereas (2) the O’s might gain another year of control over Cowser and/or Kjerstad if they’re in the minors for a month (Kjerstad) ot two (Cowser). That, plus the desire to have some R/L balance among the bench options, weighs in favor of your conclusions.
  7. I think he was referring to this spring. Anyway, Hyde said at beginning of camp that he would keep Holliday “warm” at SS though most of his work would be at 2B, so there’s nothing surprising about this. If anything, I was more surprised to see Westburg there.
  8. I think Cowser also got plunked. So in terms of PA, it’s 14 Kjerstad, 13 Stowers, 10 Cowser.
  9. You’d think that since it’s easy to see, it would be easy to correct. For some reason, it isn’t.
  10. There’s plenty of time for that, and we can assume Mateo has been getting lots of work on the back fields too.
  11. “For this exercise, I’ve highlighted the spots that per our projections — which combine ZiPS and Steamer as well as playing time estimates from RosterResource — fall below a combined 2.0 WAR on teams whose Playoff Odds sit at or above 25%. “Eagle-eyed readers probably noticed that the top NL teams, namely the Braves and Dodgers, didn’t have a single entry in the Senior Circuit edition, and neither did the Cardinals, whose 84.2-win projection ranks fourth in the league. For the AL edition, the same is true for the Astros, Yankees, Rays, Orioles, and Rangers — which is to say a majority of the eight teams that project to finish above .500.” https://blogs.fangraphs.com/the-weakest-positions-on-american-league-contenders-2024-edition/
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