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  2. Here is a thought. During ST Elias will be looking to determine if and when Bradish will be able to pitch for the O's this year. Will he be the Bradish of 2023 or something less than that? If the answer turns out negative and teams continue the stare down with Boras for Montgomery and Snell, might the O's offer a short term deal to one of those pitchers? Might Rubenstein tell JA and Elias to make that move? Rosenthal is reporting that neither Texas nor the Yankees are in a position to take on either of those two players salaries.
  3. I think that is right. Placing a player on the 60 day IL during ST frees up a 40 man roster spot but he will not be eligible to return to the 40 man roster until 60 days after OD is my understanding.
  4. Hilliard, McKenna, Maton and Nevin have to make the team by OD or be put through waivers to try to get them to AAA. That is 4 possible spot on the roster that may open.
  5. I guess they either don't think Means will be out for 60 days or they aren't sure Bradish will be out for 60 days. I don't think its been reported how bad Bradish's sprain is. He has some kind on a tear but we don't know how bad. I have heard over the years that just about every pitcher in the majors has something that shows up on imaging from pitching wear and tear. Its a matter of can a pitcher pitch with it. I think they are still figuring that out with Bradish.
  6. 60 day IL began the first day of ST. Bautista has already been placed on it. Check the 40 man roster on Orioles.com
  7. Not if Mateo shows he can play CF. In that case I am not sure Hilliard breaks with the team.
  8. I have projected that Means would miss 6 weeks of the season based on his history. They are starting with him missing the first month so far. I still think he gives the O's 25 starts this year with an ERA under 4.00.
  9. Last year Elias brought a bunch of 1B/DH to camp- Lester, Diaz, O'Hearn- and found O'Hearn. This year its a bunch on backup CF- Mateo, McKenna, Hilliard, Johnson, Cowser, Burdick (DFA'd but not gone yet). Let's see what shakes out.
  10. Fangraphs Orioles Roster Resources Claimed in Feb. Non rostered invitee to ST
  11. Since I don't use the function I don't know anything about it. There are three votes. And I don't see where it says who made them. How do you know it was me?
  12. On my screen it shows not vote at all. I don't even know how to vote. Never use the function.
  13. Means is projected to ready to join the rotation in April.
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