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  1. They would have to lose just about every game the rest of the month for that to be the case. I don’t think that is going to happen.
  2. They have lost 5 in a row and many are up in arms because they haven’t done any deals. No one has done anything either. Except for a couple minor deals. I think most GM’s are focusing on the draft and then you will start to see movement after the All Star break. People can complain, and they will, after the trade deadline is over. Lets see what happens. Mike Elias as GM has built this team that won 101 games last year. On pace to win the same this year. Accumulated some of the best young players in baseball. That hasn’t changed after losing 5 games in a row.
  3. I suspect they will bring him up after they make whatever moves they do by the deadline. I am sure they will try to make room for him by putting a Urias or Mateo in a deal. No they won’t be major pieces but they may be add ons to complete a deal.
  4. I just checked and Harvey has had an ERA of 8.04 since June 1.
  5. They are not going to trade players for prospects at this point. That is what a selloff is. It doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t trade a veteran like Mountcastle and even Santander with the right return. They have three pretty solid starting pitchers in Burnes, Grod, and Kremer. They need to add another. Texas and Arizona made the World series with with 90 and 84 wins in the regular season. They aren’t going to trade Burnes for prospects. After 41 years of no world series that would be a severe disservice to this fan base.
  6. Way to go Hyder!!!!! Love the guy.
  7. Sorry but that guy really pushes my buttons.
  8. And you are a troll. Enjoy yourself in moms basement.
  9. Answer the question are the 2021 Oriole players as good as the 2024 players? That isn’t positive thinking that is just the facts. They have won 57 games out of 94 so far this year. They won 52 out of 162 in 2021.
  10. Well they won’t won any if they just score 1 run the next two games. Eventually they will break out of it.
  11. What does that even mean? You think the players on the 2024 team are the same quality as the 2021? That just is not smart.
  12. You couldn’t see the Grand Canyon if you were falling in it.
  13. Sometimes you need to give credit to the defending Cy Young award pitcher.
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