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  1. Philip

    Kevin Brown

    The education is free, but in order to qualify for it one must take brutally difficult placement tests, and those who pass are placed in a university according to grades. Those who don’t pass go to a trade school or directly into the workforce. I think in some countries you are allowed to take the test multiple times but I’m not sure. But to say it is free, although true in a sense, is to ignore the extreme difficulty of obtaining that “free“ education. It’s definitely not all one way, but there are arguments on both sides.
  2. I think Halliday is the biggest wildcard. If he starts with the big club or comes up quickly and performs as advertised, it’s sunny days ahead. But I think a big healthy year from Mullins is most important. If he’s healthy, he hits, runs and defends at a very high level, he protects our pitchers and scares the other pitcher, and we need that big time.
  3. Beg to differ. The biggest negative of Frazier Who’s that he took playing time away from guys who are better and ready. Westburg Would certainly have had some growing pains, no doubt, but he was ready, he was cheap, and his defense would have been solid while his bat adjusted.
  4. Oh that was just a random number, I didn’t look up what the expected wins or the Pythagorean wins were. I do know that the Yankees were expected to win the division and I think they were predicted for over 90 wins, so suggesting that injuries cost them 12 or so wins is not unreasonable.
  5. I don’t understand why Frazier was signed, or Brett Phillips, or several other guys who weren’t as good as what we already had. Will ME bring in another needless, roster-clogging guy yet again? That’s the main question. I agree with Moose’s point, but remind the crowd that NY was plagued with injuries which-probably-cost them a dozen or so wins. They are back to full strength now.
  6. If Curt Schilling were still playing, and at the same point in his career arc, would there be a furor about offering him a contract?
  7. That’s where I am. I think he’s going to come back, pitch from 1 to 9 innings, complain of a “twinge” and the rest, as they say, will be history.
  8. It makes me sad, my friend, that all this time you have never known what I get to experience several cups per day.
  9. There are enough variables that merely saying ,” X percentage of pitchers get it at some point,” isn’t very revealing. If it’s just a partial tear, for instance, what percentage defines partial vs significant or other such vague descriptor? Regardless, it is always prudent to prepare for the worst. I’m just curious; if Elias knew about this in January, then getting Burnes was treading water instead of adding something, so he knew he’d need another starter.
  10. Under these circumstances, it’s probably better to overpay for quality. I would dread the last couple of years of a long contract, but it would be easier to endure if we had a flag or two to wave.
  11. Seriously, how much WOULD Montgomery cost? Our payroll is now about 90M, which is not nothing but still bottom tier. And new ownership, new and exciting possibilities, increased attendance, including lots of disgruntled folks from the dumpster fire in the Nats organization, and when has there been a Better time for a solid FA? Its not like 3/55 for Ubaldo. And it would be kind of nice to snipe a starter from Texas, who also needs SPs.
  12. This does make a Halliday roster spot more secure, though. The next ROY.
  13. When I posted my query about how the East looks now, it was because I had read much lamenting and teeth-gnashing over at over the monster and pinstripe alley. I wanted to gloat because this is the best top-bottom team I’ve seen since I started following the O’s. I fear the evil empires are now rejoicing, and saying, “ Ha ha.” We gotta get a good starter now, and right now. How much would Jordan Montgomery cost, anyway?
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