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  1. LOL I came here to see how bad the overreaction was and the first thread I see has spread our five game losing streak into not only the rest of this season, but also all of next season. Classic.
  2. There are below 500 teams that are not considering selling because they know all they have to do is get into the playoffs and anything can happen. We’d have to lose another 20 games in a row to even be at that level. If we were five games above 500 then this OP would have some merit as a ‘what if’ type speculation. But we’re still 20 games over. The idea of selling Burnes and punting on 2024 isn’t a thought experiment or outside the box - it’s just absurd. You get in, you ride your best five ish pitchers (which includes a really good top two starters, one of the best 1-2 combos in the league) if you have to, and you hope the lineup - one of the best in the league mind you - doesn’t all go cold in the playoffs like it has this week. What else can you ask for? You’re going to sell that opportunity?
  3. Someone else suggested Alan Mills. I like that better, if for no other reason than that mustache he had.
  4. The Yankees are a bunch of self-entitled whiny twats. They clearly think they deserve more than other teams - more wins, more calls, more stars, more everything. The fact that they are competing with (and trailing) a lesser team (in their eyes) like our Birds drives them insane. I don’t know if the pitch to Silent J was intentional but there is certainly a non-zero chance that it was. I think they are still butt-hurt over Judge getting plunked despite the overwhelming evidence that it wasn’t at all intentional. Which goes back to the entitlement issue. How DARE someone hit OUR STAR. These guys can all go piss up a rope. F them.
  5. Did this ‘slide’ run to more than four games when I wasn’t paying attention? It’s a slump, a down period. One that will end soon enough, even if not today or tomorrow. Every team goes through it. I mean, selling our ace while we’re in first place? WTF. Can’t we just have nice things NOW and not wait until next year AGAIN? I get it’s a discussion board and some topics are nothing more than conversation starters, but Yeesh. There is a less than zero chance that happens. Also Seattle would never trade Woo for Mountie. If they would that wouldn’t even be considered ‘selling’ in the traditional sense anyway, and that trade would probably already be done
  6. We have to be getting pretty damn close to the bottom of the barrel with BP guys. Baker, Burch Smith, Vinny Nattoli. I guess at least Smith looked decent in his first appearance last night
  7. I can honestly say that’s the first time I’ve ever heard the name Vinny Nattoli. I have to assume he’s a real player since that’s a Roch tweet but it’s odd because I typically at least have heard of these dudes before they get to the ML team.
  8. Suarez hitting 97. I like that. With movement too.
  9. I think for me this specific deal is harder because of Mountie and Kjerstad. Bradfield I don’t care about one bit honestly, and McD I really don’t have a good feel for, other than he’s one of the very few actual prospects at the upper levels for us (pitching wise). Feels like if we traded Mountie it would help free up at bats for Kjerstad, but that won’t matter if they are both in the deal. Yes we have Mayo but depth then becomes an issue a little bit. Like I said, glad it’s not my call to make!
  10. The good news is regardless of who is directly chasing us, we’re likely to have to tie breaker on them. We’ve won 5/6 so far from the Sox and 5/7 from the Yanks, so just a couple more wins in the next 6 or 7 games against each is required on that front. If you actually watch a Yanks game, that’s not a good team right now. They aren’t playing well in the field and the lineup is hot garbage other than the obvious two. Volpe has slumped a bit and was down to sixth in the order the other day, with rookie Ben Rice in the leadoff spot. Grisham is playing basically every day and he’s an awful hitter. Lemahieu’s ghost can’t hit anymore. Verdugo is decent but basically an average hitter. It’s not pretty. The pitching is of course slumping a bit and may very well bounce back. But Gil has IP issues likely, Cole could get reinjured at any moment, and Rodon is just an enigma. Holmes has looked vulnerable on the backend a little bit. Our staff has question marks for sure but theirs has its share as well. We are very clearly the better team on paper.
  11. I answered yes mostly because I’d rather have Skubal than the other poll target, Crochet. But I don’t think I could be a GM that’s for sure. Making decisions like these IRL must be agonizing. That’s so much talent and control to give up. I might never actually make a trade LOL.
  12. My point is, if I’m giving up assets, I want it to help win a WS THIS season. If they’re confident Crochet can contribute, I’m all for it. But I don’t know how they could be confident. If they’re not, then fing another target.
  13. I understand that which is why both of my posts asked about and/or referred to his usefulness THIS YEAR, as have prior posts I have made on the topic of Crochet.
  14. It’s POSSIBLE he helps in the pen, yes. He MIGHT even get a start in the postseason. But why we would we give up valuable assets for ifs ands and buts? That’s just a poor use of resources.
  15. Again with the Crochet talk. Are people just glossing over the innings issue, or do you just think it’s not a real issue? There’s a decent chance that Crochet is ZERO help down the stretch. Yes he’s controllable but who cares about that for THIS season?
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