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  1. I think they are bringing up guys that they believe they can DFA without worrying about major loss
  2. Let's see if Elias and Hyde can right the ship.
  3. And Mateo would be an upgrade? Plus, how many games has he started in CF? I don't think Hyde (or the Sigbot) is comfortable with him there.
  4. Isn't Cowser the only other CF on the roster? Mayo with Urias AND Mateo is redundant
  5. https://www.baseball-reference.com/friv/numbers.cgi?number=69&year=0 Interestingly, there is no Jones listed for #69
  6. https://fansided.com/posts/mlb-rumors-orioles-ranger-trade-closer/partners/40179?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR0RFAz_l58dGl6Y40z6wh_QjOniha6hS-PPBHCIUfY6Ww2ufyiQJP5gbYM_aem_vC77LP1cbGKyrXz9EKOZAw Kirby Yates for Alex Pham. Sign me up
  7. I would not be surprised to see Boston finishing 2nd in the AL East this season with the Yanks 3rd
  8. I feel bad for Mountcastle because he won the fan vote in the first round
  9. https://stathead.com/baseball/versus-finder.cgi?player_id2=holmes002cla&year_min=2024&player_id1=kimbre001cra&seasons_type=forall&request=1&utm_campaign=2023_01_wdgt_player_comparison&utm_source=br&utm_medium=sr_xsite&utm_id=kimbrcr01
  10. By the fans' votes, the followings were the first reserves: Mountcastle, Westburg, O'hearn and Santander. How are neither one of them a reserve?
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