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  1. I’m going to freaking stay positive……..
  2. Either one is bad. Mullins just lucky he won’t hit 4 times.
  3. I say let Burch get his debut in the ninth.
  4. The Nationals announcers said we were hitting like 175 on fastballs under 92 and 175 on fastballs over 95. Kill in between.
  5. Or better yet the middle of the order doing damage.
  6. 100 percent agree. Reminds me under the end of MacPhail and throughout Duquette era where we were developing hitters that couldn’t get on base. It is interesting to see the Astros pitching help came through trades and international guys. Garcia, Framber, Javier, Bryan Abreu.
  7. I don’t think anyone is arguing that. Just saying that his dominance at triple A level comparable to Gunnar’s MLB. Obviously there is possible regression but to point out Gunnar had career 894 OPS at triple A and 11 home runs in comparable number of AB’s. Gunnar was a year younger.
  8. They are also around 11-12 games out of playoff spot. That’s if they won out and the other teams continue same pace.
  9. Media cop out for the team. The old 27 man roster answer. Mayo is still hitting a homer every 11 AB’s which is more often than Gunnar current pace.
  10. Not sure if it was posted here but when you look at the top paid pitchers in 2024 it looks bad. Scherzer, Verlander, Strasburg, Cole, Ohtani, Yamamoto, Degromm, and Snell. Patrick Corbin is making 20 million this year. Pitching contracts do not really age well. That being said I would offer Burnes a fair 5 year deal between 175-200 million dollars.
  11. The team has actually done an excellent job developing high school hitting talent when taking them. Henderson, Mayo and Hernaiz are a few to name.
  12. Tate has given up 6 ER in his last 3 appearances. We wouldn’t technically be short on bullpen arms as we would have the same as the month of 6 man rotation. I’m fine with sending down Cowser too but we only have 4 games until ASB. If anything happens you can bring someone up in a pinch as well.
  13. This kid really doesn’t give up many hits and strikes a lot of people out. 8k’s in 3 1/3 innings.
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