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  1. Ah, yeah you’re right. I was looking at odds that hadn’t been updated yet. Looks like we’ve got to do some damage against Gil to further our odds if we get the opportunity.
  2. Despair isn’t usually a fan of joy. Seriously though, just watch The Chill and realize who these dudes really are. Besides, Cowser is the odds on favorite to win rookie of the year, giving us another comp pick, and furthering the window of competitive baseball in Baltimore. Are these bitter husks of men fans of the team or are they fans of misery? That’s the real question. Anyway, back to Cowser, looks like he is getting back to form and at a perfect time to come back to New York which saw his first ever game as an Oriole.
  3. It wouldn’t be a necessary evil if Orioles fans didn’t rejoice in shitting all over the team they presume to love and enjoy watching. Just look at this thread when a guy has a bad month. It is what it is. The circle of life. But you’re right it is pretty amusing.
  4. I don’t find anything I said to be mean spirited in any way. In actuality, I’m only sticking up for our team and attempting to thwart negativity. I do not like to see a team, filled with players that are undoubtedly good dudes, to be marred with the albatross of “he cares more about war than the team”. Screw that.
  5. Some players, sure, but in what way do you suggest these guys are doing that? That’s why scouting is so important and it’s pretty clear Elias and company have a pretty specific player profile in mind. Again, don’t disparage our guys and there are no problems.
  6. I don’t like or take kindly to podcasts or fans disparaging Orioles players by suggesting they place themselves above the team. You shouldn’t either. The amount of vitriolic comments posed by orioles fans, particularly ones marinated in the years of woe from previous managers/owners seems to have warped their brains into the hopeful shoe drop. I respond in kind like killing a fly with a swatter.
  7. Or maybe he just is hesitant because he knows it’s best to give up a single than letting it get by you for a triple or inside the park homerun. I highly doubt Cowser gives a crap about WAR. There is nothing in the guy’s demeanor, personality, or anything that suggests he chases stats and places himself above the team. To say otherwise is quite ridiculous at best, and malicious at worst. He is a rookie and he will get more comfortable as he plays. With that comfortability will come trusting his ability more and more. Why even suggest a thing like you are suggesting? Just pathetic quite frankly on your part.
  8. As to the O’s, whatever it takes to sign these young guys long term so they can play on the same team together for the next ten years. I don’t care if we look like a nascar car. What I care about is prolonging this era of the best baseball Baltimore has seen since the late 60s/ early 70s.
  9. AAA stats do not equate mlb stats. I’m not sure the metric needed to be used to indicate this. Every time we bring up a guy from AAA with little to no major league experience, they struggle mightily. I’ll take the normal ups and downs of a season from Mounty and O’Hearn over a major struggle with both Mayo and Kjerstad. I agree, O’hearn is limited in ability defensively and can only hit righties but Mounty’s defense should not be overlooked. He’s playing GG level and neither Mayo or Kjerstad have shown any signs of being that level in the slightest. Its like yall don’t understand there are more than one aspect to this incredibly difficult game.
  10. Awesome work on this frobby, wow!
  11. Yes and at one point was a higher rated prospect in their system than Aaron Judge. It took awhile with the bat but he was always an amazing athlete with the ability for defensive wizardry.
  12. Imagine being a grown man who doesn’t know the difference between there, their and they’re.
  13. Yeah you’re right. From what I’ve seen we are tied with the Yankees as far toughest remaining schedule. It’s a wonky stat anyway. As George Brett would say, “it’s not who you play, it’s when you play them.”
  14. You say that after we swept the White Sox in a four game series, but you’re right. I forget the numbers but haven’t we played the most difficult or second most difficult season so far? This is why I think teams like the Yankees and the Phillies will come back to Earth a bit and we might see some longer winning streaks for the O’s.
  15. Would love to see you interview Cowser sir. I think that would be a dynamite interview to say the least.
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