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  1. I don't see how what I said supports your point. I don't think there is much evidence that pitchers that threw at guys got thrown at in return. Maybe I'm wrong on that but I don't recall it. By what you are saying Gibson should have a lot of HBP as a batter since opposing pitchers would be protecting their guys by throwing at him. I don't think that today's HBP numbers reflect guys "Head hunting". I think more folks were thrown at intentionally back in the day and that more guys are hit unintentionally in today's game. Some of it is guys not having great control, some is guys crowding the plate, some are guys with gear leaning into pitches so of it is higher velocity and movement being harder to avoid. We had a fair number of HBP in the Yankee series, I think you can only make a case for one of them being intentional.
  2. Probably upset about the post game spread not being out yet.
  3. No one is putting a viable ML pitcher in AAA this season. It's a wasteland for pitching.
  4. His OPS was over 800 coming into the game. WTF?
  5. I'm not sure what Mountcastle did to Roy but it must have been something.
  6. Would almost be worth it when they saw the Mets and Dodgers sign everyone. I don't think they understand their current owner, he's not his dad. He's a nepo baby that relies on the team to pay his bills.
  7. Six at bats with runners in scoring position in only two innings? Sounds like a great start so far.
  8. His caught stealing is also down a good bit but that might be from catching Burnes so often.
  9. Oh Sheetz have you seen the Pirates new patch?
  10. I think people haven't adjusted to how much his defense has dropped off from last season. Last year he was really good.
  11. Defensive Interference, so hot right now.
  12. https://www.mlb.com/news/yankees-injuries-and-roster-moves
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