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  1. Try reading thru the 120 page Holliday thread on Orioles Talk and tell me I'm wrong. 90% of the posts are,negative including straight up attacks on the young man, his family and character.
  2. The negativity surrounding him here is out of control. You would think he is struggling in A ball, which a lot of high 1st round picks I'm his class are, instead of having a .900 OPS In AAA.
  3. You might Fedde with a WS reliever thrown in.
  4. I want Rubenstein to invest in the team, but I'm not sure he would feel ok with spending $100 mill on basically a worthless player in Baez. Does Baez take Urias place? With the way O's payroll will be increasing soon, I doubt it's an expenditure I want the O's to make and,I would much rather Rubenstein spend his money on extending players.
  5. Piggybacking off this post what about Sandy Alcantara? Out for the season with Tommy John surgery. Signed thru 2026 with a $21 mill option for 2027. Obviously this would be a trade for the offseason. Prior to his injury, the cost if Marlins were to even consider trading him would be package led by Holliday, now should be a fraction of that. Could be relatively low cost way to obtain an ace.
  6. Erceg would be a big pickup. Miller would cost one of the big 3 and be a no go for that reason for me. Any guesses what Erceg would cost?
  7. I'm thinking the O's should be getting more savings on O'Farrell than Vance. Definitely questioning the pick of O'Farrell over Brecht or another pitcher. How many speedy, light hitting IF do you need?
  8. Hopefully Elias will do a better job with Gunnar than Duquette did with Manny.
  9. He's like Cedric w/o the 30/30 season.
  10. After striking out 3 times, you just miss the next inning. It's like a power,play in,hockey.
  11. It's exciting to see Gunnar compared to the greatest stars,in baseball but also a,little depressing. I almost feel like there's a clock clicking until Gunnar is,no,longer an,O. It seems the last time to sign Gunnar to a 'reasonable" extension was this past offseason. At this point I think the Witt extension gets laughed at.
  12. Well maybe somewhat in the 2nd round or maybe great stuff w/ good command, but not so much in the 10th round or later when Elias likes to draft pitchers.
  13. Yes, do we need an 8th potential corner outfielder when the O's seem to have that covered or another catcher when the O's have the starting All Star catcher and a top 15 prospect catcher or a potential starting pitcher when pitching injuries happen so often. The O's outfield depth is such that more outfield prospects is just lining up more prospects behind blocked prospects. I'm just saying with an overabundance of hitting prospects, it wouldn't hurt to take a few more arms.
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