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  1. Mateo about to be out for a while with a broken hand.
  2. Cowser would have caught it.
  3. Hays is now a liability on defense. Time for him to play elsewhere.
  4. Very likley it is a mix of these 9. My guess. Gunnar - SS Adley - C O'Hearn - 1B Santander - DH Westburg - 2B Coswer - LF Mullins - CF Kjerstad - RF Urias - 3B
  5. I'm sure Hyde cares about that.
  6. Hard to keep track when you're participating in the PBA tour, PBR tour, Olympic trials, Mr. Universe, and ATP Tour all at the same time. Give the guy a break, okay?
  7. He's not even a good 2B. How's he going to move Gunnar off SS? The only way he's the everyday SS in Baltimore is if Gunnar is not playing for this team.
  8. I would use another world to describe it.
  9. We have been several times. We need to be at least 1 game better in the lose column if we're 3 games down. The percentages say we're going to lose one of those 3 games. There's 83 games left to play. We just need to win as many as we can.
  10. O'Hearn is one of our best hitters because he doesn't get AB versus LHP.
  11. It's kind of a Yankees thing. They don't swing at junk. But still, you have to adjust.
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