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  1. To this point, we are in a position now to do this with the quality of the roster. Just need a couple guys to step up at a time and it will be a productive group.
  2. I expect Mayo up in a couple weeks. It feels like Elias operates about a month behind the big clamoring of fans with these promotions. It would make the most sense for it to be for Urias, so I hope that works out. And by works out, I mean a trade that benefits the Os but also offers Ramon a decent landing spot.
  3. Wise advice….never accept a gift from Karl Ravech, it will ruin your life.
  4. Gunnar is fighting the curse of the ESPN cleats….1 for 8 with 7 Ks since putting them on.
  5. I take it more as this is the talk behind the scenes and she just didn’t read the room well enough to know she wasn’t supposed to say anything.
  6. While I love OPS, it isn’t a great measurable for Bradfield, especially compared to some of our other guys. He will never have that awe inspiring OPS because he won’t carry the slugging, which is the part of the stat that makes the OPS jump. I would argue that if he has a .800 OPS in the bigs he’s a superstar. If he is at .750 he wi be a really productive player for us.
  7. I said this was gonna happen two weeks ago. I think you move forward like it’s not, but that had to be the hopeful plan all along.
  8. I was about to say the same thing. @vab must be a youngster, because there are a few examples, with this being the best one.
  9. IPlayGM

    Coby Mayo 2024

    Yeah I fully expect Urias to be part of a trade for pitching. Maybe he helps soften the prospect blow a little bit.
  10. Gunnar is fun to watch on a normal day. But when he is on a heater like this, it is pretty awesome.
  11. Fixed that for you. I don’t mind Mateo and have come to appreciate him, but I think “ideal” is a little too aggressive.
  12. Couple thoughts: 1. I can’t see him being traded. He projects to being your second most valuable player on the MLB roster. 2. Plenty of time for this to play out, but I almost wonder if the best plan for the Os is to extend Adley and put Basallo at first long term. 3. Crazy to comp Yordan Alvarez. By crazy, I mean crazy awesome! My head explodes thinking about Jackson, Gunnar, Adley, Mayo and Basallo in one lineup…plus Westy and Heston and Cowser and maybe Bradfield.
  13. If Basallo is on the roster early ‘25, that means the bat is as advertised. That being said, it might cause more of a roster issue because you have to think they carry another catcher to be able to have both bats in the lineup.
  14. I don’t think that stuff mattered, at least on the outside. He gave up one run. He made Soto look as uncomfortable on the two abs I watched as anyone has. This is about Povich’s head and confidence. His stuff plays. He just has to believe that.
  15. He’d fit in perfect around here…
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