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  1. Kevin Brown & Jim Palmer agreed with you during today's broadcast, and the guys on ESPN felt that Santander was actually the biggest snub of all.
  2. rm5678

    Oakland 7/7

    And Kevin Brown mentioned it in passing to draw even more attention to it.
  3. rm5678

    Oakland 7/7

    I thought he was also confused when she said "in awe."
  4. You were correct. Roch just tweeted the announced rotation vs. the Cubs: Kremer, Burnes, Suarez.
  5. I noticed that at the beginning of the game too. Definitely looked odd. Thankfully they fixed that (and the sound syncing issue) relatively quickly.
  6. I heard that it was because one of the Lego pieces fell off, not because of the strikeouts.
  7. Eovaldi has always been huge against us too, even before last season. So yes, I'd like to see Eovaldi on the O's.
  8. O'Hearn came very close too (Alvarez had 53%, O'Hearn had 47%).
  9. I think 105.7 was wrong. When he got sent back down after being the 27th man, that didn't count as one of the five options. Here is what Roch wrote today: "Vespi was optioned for a fourth time. The Orioles can do it one more time before reaching the maximum and having to pass him through waivers."
  10. Rockies listening to offers on Quantrill: https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2024/07/rockies-trade-rumors-cal-quantrill-austin-gomber-ryan-feltner.html
  11. Not yet. He's officially only been optioned 3x this year (doesn't count when he got sent back after being the 27th man). So he can still be sent down 2 more times this year.
  12. From looking at the radar, I fully expect that they will play, and hopefully with no delay.
  13. O'hearn never starts against lefties, so something must be up with Mounty, although he did pinch hit last night.
  14. Can vote a total of 4 times (once per day): today, tomorrow, Tuesday, and before Noon on Wednesday.
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