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  1. The same thing was said about NFL rbs 15 years ago. As I said.......things change. I am not saying starting pitching isn't valuable. What I am saying is the value from them is being outweighed by the money being paid to them, and it is only going to get worse. Especially considering the fact that they throw less and less innings every year and are an injury risk more and more.
  2. That 10000000000% wasn't me lol. You guys just love playing little conspirators.
  3. Again I liked Steve Pearce. Always did. But.... You are comparing Nelson Cruz, someone I really liked, to SP....someone I also really liked. One has nothing to do with the other. My point was NC should have been signed. This was said. Over and over. You said no....under no circumstances should he be singed. Over and over. Who was right? How hard is it to admit that you were 1000000000000000% wrong? Not just wrong....not even in the same universe wrong. Anyone can be wrong. I am wrong all of the time. At least I can admit it. But you keep playing whataboutism.
  4. You are comparing someone like Steve Pearce, who I like btw, to a legit elite talent like Nelson Cruz? Wat????? I mean....have you ever played a sport in your life? Ever? The two are not nor were they ever comparable.
  5. Seeing is in the eye of the beholder. I saw talent. A lot of it. I said that then. You didn't.
  6. I am not sure what you mean here. I said starting pitchers are not getting paid like they are irrelevant. I don't agree with that but that is what is is....right now. And yes Burnes is worth $16 M a year. You start talking about the contract he is rumored to have next year? $30 to $40 M a year for over 4 years? Hell no. Not sure how you don't see the difference.
  7. Again, as I have said many times...because you guys are all over the age of 60 and rely on old time stats? You have a very old way of thinking. No disrespect but that is what it is. You are old school. Anyone with half a brain could see that Nelson Cruz was well worth what he signed for and was by far our best player that entire season.....and especially during the playoffs. When things really matter.
  8. It was not the correct thing. At all. In fact not even close to being the correct thing. The exact opposite universe.
  9. And if I went back and looked at the NFL 20 years ago and what they paid Rbs? I would say the same. They were the highest paid and most coveted position. Now look. They are basically worthless in the large scheme of things in the modern NFL. Get out of this mentality that starting pitchers are worth the same VALUE$$$$ wise as they were 10, 20, 30 years ago. They just aren't. I realize you are probably above the age of 60 or even 70? But times change....son. People can change. People can learn.
  10. Can of corn can say all he wants to. But he is the same person who said under NO circumstances should we ever resign Nelson Cruz when he was with the Os. Let that sink in. Think guys.
  11. Major league pitchers these days are like current NFL running backs. And I think more and more GMs are starting to see this. Neither are that important to a teams overall success. NFL rbs because the NFL has become a passing league. Remember when the NFL was all about running the ball? Not now. Hence why NFL Rbs scream about being underpaid. But they are all replaceable. They are a dime a dozen. Hence they don't get paid much. Because they are not worth much in a league that is about passing the ball. Major league elite starting pitchers? They used to throw 7 innings to complete games. Pitch every 4-5 days. Now? They pitch maybeeee 5-6 innings and get injured constantly. And yet demand $300 M for 7 year. How is that worth it? There is no way the modern MLB elite starting, or even average starting pitcher, is worth what you have to pay money wise or give up to trade for. You are much better off having an elite bullpen, which costs much less, that can cover innings 6 through 9 than pay these starters this kind of cash. Not only does the bullpen pitch in more intense situations, not only do they cost way less, but they also can pitch more than once every 5 days. And they don't seem to get injured as much. Which I am sure is result of they just pitch less innings. Hence why I would not offer a boat load for any of the starting pitchers being talked about here. Even Burnes....as good as he is...I don't know if he was worth the hype and what we gave up. Strickly because he is gone after this year. Starting pitchers are just not worth it.
  12. This is a message board amirite? We offer opinions? What facts do we all really have? None. I can offer life experience. All I can offer is what I saw and what I personally have been through. I have a torn UCL. Do you? Including a bone chip the size of a quarter in your elbow??? I do. I know the pain. I have talked to 3 doctors about it. And they all said the same. If you don't want surgery....which I do not....then rehab the best that you can and avoid any type of over hand throwing. Until you have been through this you really have no 'facts'.
  13. Remember Bradish pitched for 3 months with a torn UCL. And pitched well. Until he couldn't. Just because a tear happens doesn't mean it will curtail you right away. I saw FB's face and body language during that game. Something was off. I can speak of this from personal experience. I have a torn UCL and a bone chip the size of a quarter in my right elbow, and have had it for years. Back from when I first got it looked at 20 years ago. I just lived with the pain. Sometimes up to 8 tylenol a day. It always hurts and it wasn't until I was bowling one specific shot a few years ago and it completely blew out that I had to go to a orthopedist for it. I just rested it for 3 months and have done nothing overhand as far as sports and working out since. Anytime I throw overhand? It kills. No way I could throw a baseball 80 times a game. My arm would probably fall off. The elbow really controls your overhand throws. Underhand and side arm is not nearly as bad.
  14. He was struggling. We could all see that. And I don't just mean because he couldn't hit the strike zone. To me he looked somewhat in distress. And when that happens....injuries happen. He was huffing and puffing. Sweating a lot. Walking around. He in no way looked comfortable. And 28 pitches? In one inning? For a reliever/closer of all things? At an all star game when he is clearly off? I thought it was completely ridiculous. I couldn't believe when the manager left him in the game. Stunned.
  15. Watching today's game reminds me of last year. I said it last year in real time to my wife while watching it, and mentioned it on here shortly thereafter.....but when Felix was pitching in last years All Star game and was huffing and puffing and struggling so much? And the AL manager at the time kept leaving him in? I said that he is over throwing and this scenario is a prime example of how you get a TJ injury. Sure enough it came on soon after. Nothing that can be said can change my mind. That game was the catalyst of his injury.
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