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  1. IMO, this is a terrible move. (Worse then Kemp. Worse then sitting Cowser.) There is ZERO chance I would bring up a Boras client with his potential, ahead of the service time window. ZERO. Betting on Holliday to win ROY is a nice sentiment, but it is FAR from a sure thing. We will ALL be crying about this in 6 years. 5 if they trade him for his earning power.
  2. This was a fantastic trade. Hall: I liked Hall alot, but the fact remains that he hasn't panned out thus far. We have gotten nothing to show that Hall will be a solid big league starter. He has given us 15 innings or so of solid relief work. He is far from a sure thing and his erratic control makes him a risky bet. Ortiz: We all know Ortiz is blocked by multiple players, at multiple positions. The front office knows more about Ortiz then we do, so I have to take their opinion that him making the roster was probably not going to happen. Then, he rots away in AAA. Good for Ortiz to get traded. He now has a job in the bigs! Position of strength here. To me this trade is a steal. We got a one of the best starters in the game, pitching on his walk year. He is fiery and has that bulldog mentality. He is the guy I wanted all off-season. Elias made a statement and EVERYONE in the MLB heard it.
  3. Jones is not a Hall of Famer. But he was a media darling and so you never know. The 'Hall of very good' could take #10. Sadly it's a joke now though.
  4. At 26 very few players are looked at as prospects. Go look at the top 100 list. How many are 26? At that point your considered a late bloomer. While you are correct that there is no line in the sand, every year makes a difference. Holliday is #1 because not only what he has accomplished, but the AGE in which he has done it. Age matters, of course it does.
  5. I would agree EXCEPT your betting on Means. That's too risky a bet for my grocery money.
  6. So you hold into them. Holliday pushes to get called up and you get nothing for Urias/Mateo because they have no options remaining. Your right that we need a major league arm though.
  7. According to this theory, a 28 yesr old with 50 games in AAA is not wasting away in the minors. Not a good Stat to prove your point. Next off season, Ortiz and Kjerstad will be 26 and imo, will have lost value as a prospect.
  8. Does this pull them out of the Cease derby?
  9. Unlike many of you, I believe we need to add a starter. The average team starter usage is 12 starters per season. Adding a starter makes our pen that much better as well. Wells/Hall/Irvin stay in the pen and are good for injury replacements to the rotation. We were VERY fortunate last season with injuries. The time to strike is now. Far too many assumptions about payroll being made as well. We are assuming Angelos won't pay. We don't know that and Elias may be the holdup in a deal.
  10. The Boston Bruins did this exact thing with Mitchell Miller. fans complained, they voided the contract.
  11. I already gave you one based on the numbers. You said best ever. Not moat talented or highest potential, best ever. Which imo is laughable. The guy has been in the league 4-5 years. Ruth hit more homers and won more games. Period.
  12. 150 Homer's and 38 wins. I reiterate my statement. It is laughable. Ruth for example had 94 wins and 714 homers. Let's at least wait for Ohtani to get into the same universe before onoiting him King.
  13. Calling Ohtani the best player in the history of the game is laughable.
  14. Possibly, but overpaying is relative to the buyer. There are only so many major league starting pitchers. So, if you need one and you don't get one because you weren't willing to give up a little more, maybe it's your evaluation that's off. In the end, your still a pitcher short.
  15. There are, but the prices we are hearing in trades and dollars are sky-high. Every one of us has made comments to the effect of 'that's too much for him' or 'no way I would pay that much'. I hope I am wrong because standing pat, is never a good strategy.
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