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  1. And it's young lineup too this isn't the 1996-97 Orioles team that had a limited shelf life and there's more prospects coming up the pipeline.
  2. I think it’s more likely to be Blake Hunt than McCann at backup catcher next year.
  3. I’m not the one posting these rumors. I don’t see Elias trading Basallo because no player worth that price is getting traded before August 1st. It’s clickbait and it’s working since we’re discussing it on OH.
  4. For Sam Basallo the Rays would most certainly trade within the division, but there's zero chance of that happening. There's no player the Rays would trade that's worth that price to Elias.
  5. Pete Fairbanks might be a worthwhile trade target, but his SO9 went from 13.5 to 9.8 this season. That's a bit of an alarming dropoff if Fairbanks doesn't start striking out more batters. His average fastball velocity is 97.1 MPH compared to 98.9 in 2023. Still throws hard, but the strikeouts are down.
  6. Cubs aren’t trading Imanaga, but he’s the level of player that might get Elias to part with Basallo as part of a trade package.
  7. Maybe there’s a surprise name that will be on the trade block, but I don’t think Elias is even considering trading Basallo unless he gets a wow offer in return.
  8. There’s no way Elias is giving up Basallo for a player like Luis Robert, Garrett Crochet or Mason Miller. It would have to be a bigger name than those three players.
  9. I initially voted for winning the first two games of a three game series, but I’ve come around to losing the first game and winning the next two. Seeing Phillies fans beat their chests Friday night thinking they’re the best team in MLB only to lose the series brings a special satisfaction.
  10. Orioles need to practice defense drills tomorrow on their off day.
  11. Ugh can’t give the Phillies free baserunners.
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