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    • I'm on board with the changes.  Should make things interesting.  Honestly the place has always had a ridiculously short LF power alley.
    • I really like this decision.  I for one get bored with all the HR's in baseball as a whole.  I think you will see Oriole hitters worry less about launch angles and just try to hit the ball.  Usually before the summer heats up balls didn't fly out as much in April and May.  I suspect there could be some real low scoring games especially early in the season.  Since gambling is now even such a bigger deal it will be interesting to see how it affects the totals for games in Camden Yards.  
    • I never said anything about why he started late, or that the O's didn't handle him well (they did, all I said is that they took things slowly). My point is that Mayo didn't face tough competition. That's not his fault or the O's fault, but we have to take the level of competition into account when evaluating his performance.
    • And with the changes to the outfield at OPACY, I really don’t want to see Stewart attempting to play defense in the outfield. 
    • It's really not a cut and dry case for me.  Allen might be a little better. But the regular season still matters to me.  And I didn't even argue with you on Justin Herbert, who hasn't even gotten to the playoffs, and whose QBR this year is lower than Lamar's was in 2020 after the league figured him out.  Even Burrow's QBR was lower than Lamar's 2020.  And this was their breakout year.   Since Lamar's trending down I'm willing to put him at the bottom of that list, but I don't think those guys are head and shoulders above.    Also, responding with an ad hominem argument isn't convincing me.
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