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  1. I noticed the same thing looking at their schedule. They've won only 1 series against a team that currently has a winning record (Milwaukee). The O's by contrast have won 6 (KC, Boston, Minnesota, KC again, NYY, Seattle).
  2. You could say that Colton interfered with that ball going over the fence.
  3. Wow. Cobb had 6 quality starts as an Oriole?
  4. Six straight scoreless appearances from Kimbrel. Over that span batters are 0/16 with 7 K and one baserunner on a HBP. Looking good. Though he can thank Cowser tonight for keeping that recent record spotless.
  5. He's still not hitting the ball well consistently, but I thought Tony's long AB walk in the driving rain was a clutch moment. And then a great job scoring from first on Adley's hit.
  6. Bummer. Chicago and then a home start against a below average Tampa lineup seemed like the perfect setup to give Povich a shot. But hope Suarez does well. I hear that but I would have had no problem bringing him up for just a few starts, then sending him back for more seasoning if he wasn't doing well/there was no more need.
  7. Which young talent should have been called up for this game instead of the relief help?
  8. As for the actual debate going on in that clip, I'm not sure I'd put Gunnar above Soto in a "top right now" or "who do you want the next 5 years (contract aside)" list quite yet. Soto is in his seventh straight year of nothing but excellence, despite being only about 2.5 years older than Gunnar. I don't know if he's the greatest at any one point, since he's less of a 5-tool guy, but I think Soto is the safest bet there is to be ongoingly great for the next several years. Besides maybe Ohtani. Anyway, the fact that Gunnar is pretty firmly in this group of top 5-10 players in the league is fantastic.
  9. Cowser cracked the code: all you have to do to earn a full-time role is bat .450 and win Player of the Week at the exact same time the person in front of you in line goes like 2 for 30 and loses 15 pounds due to illness. Kyle and Heston, take note!
  10. No need to release a guy who has options. Somebody has to pitch the innings at AAA (where Heasley has been excellent). They may call up Povich to pitch tomorrow in which case Vespi will be right back down.
  11. I noted this in the Kremer thread but worth putting here as well: Povich is scheduled to start for Norfolk tomorrow. Same day as Dean's scheduled start. That plus the fact that Suarez makes the most sense of anyone for the long relief role, and I'm guessing we see the Cade callup.
  12. There's a ton of space in between "he's ace-like / he's a 6 inning shutdown starter" and "he's a total fluke." It doesn't have to be one or the other. Anyway, I hope they go with Povich because I'd like to see him get a big league shot. Plus, we need a long-man reliever during this busy stretch and Suarez is the best candidate for that role.
  13. You seem to be a big Vespi hater. I'd have thought he'd be more in the "cromulent" category for you.
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