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  1. https://fb.me/e/4DM9qFOsG 

    Hi folks here is a link to an event on FB for Scott's Memorial Service. This is his sister and I want to let you know the family appreciates the beautiful comments you left about him. It is good to know he was loved and that you all cared so much for him.  

  2. RIP ScOtt. We hope weams was there to meet you and you guys are watching the departed Orioles beat the departed Yankees in a walk off! 

  3. LA (and a lot of So-Cal) have a very large latino population. That would make it much easier for most of those players to assimilate.
  4. Penn State and other colleges draw well over 100,000.
  5. Both Pit Bulls tho. Which is exactly why they gut their jobs.
  6. Bash both sides up against their stupid heads, "Do you remember how much money you lost in 2020??? How much wages?" Maybe into Feb cooler heads prevail, they give a little on both sides' position and work something out.
  7. You wouldn't... but in this case you're probably right. Esp. when we already picked up Lyles.
  8. Just as an aside... that's not a bargaining issue, is it? Can't MLB unilaterally implement whatever they want?
  9. I'm assuming you scrolled down thru the email, clear to the bottom. There is almost ALWAYS an Unsubscribe link.
  10. I'm the eternal optimist... I think it'll get to about Feb. 1st tick tock tick tock... and an agreement will be hammered out. It could happen.....
  11. Yes, ST is fun.... what will be fun this year (if it works out in time...) is the entire offseason signing.. season might be a month, 2 weeks, NO weeks. That is IF the sides can come to an agreement. But the whole FA signing period is going to be compressed into a VERY short period of time. Free-for-all shootout. Every player looking for a job. THAT will be fun!
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