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  1. I think all 3 need to happen, 1 a/b/c. However, you can make Burnes a 4 year deal that's steep (4 for $150) and let the real money for Gunnar/Adley show up when that deals done. Many have been saying this, but there's no reason you can't take on an extra $40/yr in payroll while the other guys are cheap if you want to compete. And to this initial posts point, we need the pitching help across the board. You'll have to pay for it somewhere.
  2. Is there a backpedalling option to DFA where you can pull the guy back and put him back on your 40 man?
  3. Anyone also believe they're coming up earlier than ever? I mean Langford, Holliday, Chourio all really young. Normally rookies come up at 23-24. So I also think they're less experienced even if they're dominating a weaker AAA environment.
  4. This is still the right point. And Burnes being here doesn't hinder the fact that the best 26 on Opening Day does not have the be the same best 26 at the start of playoffs and still maintain rookie status for '25.
  5. That's my point. If Ryan is on the team, Cowser/Hays are not.
  6. Let's remember who Cowser really needs to beat out for playing time. It's Ryan McKenna, not Hays. So from that perspective, if he proves better than Ryan, you let it play out. He was a CF in the minors, he can be a serviceable CF in the majors, and unless Ced is out, he can make spot starts there and against tough righties in LF. It'll all play itself out. He should be able to find 3-4 games a week.
  7. The key is what does $35mil look like in 5 years. So in my mind, yes I'd lock these guys up, but maybe not for the total length. I don't think Witt is in these guys category yet, but if he progresses he likely will, as will Gunnar: 1. Corey Seager, Texas, $35,500,000 2. Carlos Correa, Minnesota, $33,333,333 3. Francisco Lindor, N.Y. Mets, $32,477,277 4. Trea Turner, Philadelphia, $27,272,727 5. Xander Bogaerts, San Diego, $25,454,545 Would you rather have Bogarts at age 31 or the potential of Witt/Gunnar at age 28. The valuation is likely similar.
  8. I think this part is key. You have 3 shortstops on the big league club for 6 years (Henderson/Holliday/Westburg). And Elias has shown a routine for drafting the athletic SS/C/CF as up the middle staples. You have probably 3 years of not drafting a SS if you wanted to.
  9. The part I found the most interesting of this is Mateo. He's on the team no matter what, when many people assumed he was potential to be left off in favor of Ortiz. I think the fourth option is very slim, as well as the 3rd to start the season. But either of the first two I'd be good with.
  10. This is a good take. I think the big part of the problem is the lack of quality depth after the top 8. You know there will be injuries and shuffle and you really need 12+ relievers to make it through the season. Some of those pieces will be surprises - rule 5, non tenders, etc. But you still need more.
  11. This is what I’m hearing too. Hopeful there’s an extension, if not it’ll sting a bit
  12. I think he's targeting what the new ownership gives permission on, a big trade or locking up the young guys.
  13. I think we've continued to talk with this one and it's around the industry too. What I think we've narrowed to is, assuming Miller/Woo are on the table only: Westburg/Ortiz/Cowser for Miller/Woo (1 for 1, maybe small adds if necessary) if Gilbert/Kirby are on the table, then you need more: Mountcastle/Santander + Westburg/Ortiz/Cowser + Norby for Kirby/Gilbert Is there one you'd prefer? I actually prefer the Gilbert/Kirby side more, because we can open up space internally too.
  14. They seem to have an infatuation with IF pieces, like India. I've also heard rumors of Miller for Westburg straight up, so I could see the similar option.
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