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  1. Convenient narrative. Jackson has been 3-4yrs younger than average competition (which is quite the gap for any “early advantage” to overcome). And given that age difference, why would anyone believe his development is over at age 20 and that Jackson would not continue to “improve” until age 24/25 like his rookie competition? as much as OH has soured on Holliday, the scouting/ranking community has not. And it was the scouting community that vaulted Jackson to the #1 overall prospect in the game, not just darling eyes of the OH.
  2. One interesting angle is will TBJs and TBRs deal w/in division to NYY, Os, or RedSox? TBJ = Kikuchi (might be best rental SP), Garcia (might be best rental RP if healthy) TBR = Eflin (controllable SP for 25 but expensive), Fairbanks (controllable RP for 25) Any of those guys would be asset to Os and not cost any of the big3 (or Kjerstad). The other OH darlings (Crochet, Skubal, Miller) will cost arm and leg, are off the market bc teams holding on for contention (Helsley), or guaranteed to NYY (Scott).
  3. Honestly Buck didn’t give Gunnar many in the nitro zone (on the ESPN2 “statcast” alternate broadcast they highlighted where pitches were thrown).
  4. That bottom of 9th was Orioles Magic!
  5. Big Ben has really become outstanding color analyst. Really blends stats into his commentary in addition to traditional insights about pitch types, game flow, etc.
  6. Longenhagen had Wallace as 40+ FV which for reference is a notch below Os Fabian at 45 FV. Also noteworthy that Harvey is under control for 2025 as well, so not just rental for this season.
  7. I just chuckle at Elias turn of phrases like “prepared to support our pursuits in that area.” I mean who seriously talks like that aside from McKinsey consultants? and while all comments on players taken with GM grain of salt, it does not sound like Elias will be trading any of the big3 prospects.
  8. Regardless of whether get more SPs or Mayo to the rescue, the offense has 4 all stars who went a collective against the cubbies: Tues = 4-16 Weds = 3-16, 1BB Thurs = 2-14, 1BB Need more from Gunnar, Adley, Ant, Westy against NYY this weekend.
  9. Thx for posting — Fascinating read on techniques and measurements used in today’s “pitching lab.” Here was Longenhagen write up on Fruit from his top Os prospect fangraphs piece from last week.
  10. Austin Hays sprint speed by year. He’s slowed down quite a bit over the years.
  11. Jake Rills article on Basallo — link to mlb.com
  12. Zack Wheeler got contract extension of 3yr/$126M for $42M AAV. That’s probably the ceiling for Burnes.
  13. Storm line appears to be quick moving so maybe only minor disruption. Looking forward to the Imanaga/Burnes battle of aces.
  14. Thx. Adding in the savant leaderboard for arm strength (2024 SS only) which is computed as the average of the players top 5% of throws. Gunnar’s avg of 89.5mph ranks 5th while his max measured at 4th.
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