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  1. I just looked at it very quickly but Ford and Berra in 1960 and 1954. And Berra and Raschi in 1952. And I'm probably going to quit looking because it's happened before. It was probably a lot easier back then though.
  2. ledzepp8

    Kevin Brown

    Really? I sing along with the anthem at sporting events. I surely can't be the only one.
  3. ledzepp8

    Kevin Brown

    I'll never understand trying to sing it accapella. That song is hard enough to keep in key with accompanying music.
  4. Yeah, off the bat I thought it was going to be a flare that would drop down in front of Verdugo. Which, I'm assuming he thought as well and the ball just seemed to carry.
  5. Yeah I don't really get it either. I would think a 99% catch probability would be something where it's right to the fielder and he doesn't even have to move.
  6. I don't think this is really fair. Mullins and McCann are really the only blackholes out of that list. Mullins is basically a part time player now and that's probably more to do with his seniority than anything else. McCann is a backup catcher. Do I wish he didn't play as much? Sure. Do I wish he was better? Sure. But he's a backup for a reason. Hays, Urias, and Mateo are all more or less league average and aside from Mateo, these are players that have basically lost their starting roles. Would I prefer if they were replaced? Yeah probably. But I've said it before that you're probably hard pressed to find a GM that's going to just replace a large portion of players that contributed to a team that won 101 games the season before and is in first place this season with the most wins in the AL. Yeah, it would be awesome to have a lineup full of Adley's or Westburg's or Gunnar's, but that's just not realistic.
  7. Agreed but we can play out some other what ifs. The strike 3 on Gunnar probably should have been ball 4. Holmes couldn’t throw strike. How do you give him that borderline pitch? That would have loaded the bases with only one out. Adley walked next. Then Mountcastle gets started out with a first pitch strike that wasn’t a strike. Mullins play at the plate was probably safe as it looked like he got his hand in before being tagged on the jersey. I can see why they didn’t challenge though.
  8. Exactly right. People need to step off the ledge. They're 57-38. After 95 games in 2023, they were 58-37. Are they having a tough time right now? Sure. But c'mon, some people need to have a little perspective.
  9. Oh my god! The slide? The Orioles have three more wins this year than they did at this date last season. If you want to get technical, their record thru 94 game is identical to last season. Calm down.
  10. I get that people say this but the numbers don’t really prove it. Vs RH he’s .179/.245/.333/.578 Vs LH he’s .200/.263/.357/.620 Unless I’m looking at the wrong numbers…
  11. I think definitely Burnes and Kimbrel. I could see Grayson either way. I would understand the argument that he’s not deserving but then again he’s got 10 wins (which I’m sure managers still put emphasis on).
  12. I think they just fixed it. Audio kind of dropped and now it seems to be in sync.
  13. Just came to ask the same thing.
  14. Yeah I'm in South Carolina and I'm getting the dodgers game on fox. Does that mean I won't be able to watch the Os on mlb.tv?
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