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  1. I normally pay $110 or so for a full season of MLBtv . So $50 for a half season of a poor team, but mine own,
  2. Mainly, why is Blair not in CF? No problem with Boog in LF. Alomar was the best 2B to play for the O's even if it was only 3 years. Sure would want Raffy's bat in the lineup, but if not DH would you play him over Eddie at 1B? He won the GG at DH. If you replace O'Day with Hoyt, as I would, then I'll take Gus at C.
  3. Another thing we haven't seen since Frank is a Triple Crown. Also I'd like to see an O break DiMaggio's streak record and hit an O hit 5 HR in a game.
  4. This is great Tony. Looking forward to it, thanks.
  5. I never really interacted with any player except Elrod. My cousin worked for the NSA with Tom Clancy's brother. We got Clancy's seats for a game; front row by the dugout. Talked to Elrod while he was signing auto graphs,and watched Eddie Murray hit on the TV camera lady next to the dugout, during the game. Saw Cal's wife, noticing her seats weren't as good. Sorry Cal.
  6. In NY Cuomo has estimated based on his numbers, that things will peak in about 45 days here.
  7. Projection are the virus will be around at least 6 months, I'm now guessing the season will be cancelled.
  8. It's taken China about 4 months with draconian measures to get the epidemic to subside. Given the US's poor initial response probably longer than that. July at the earliest.
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