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  1. Fixed that for you. By the way, they are a business. They should care about money.
  2. Do we know why Josh Liranzo isn't playing yet?
  3. Maybe not. He took a very risky pick last year. Basically found some tools that will carry his floor, but needed a lot to go right to get to the ceiling. A big upside arm could be similar, having a reliever floor if healthy but needing some development to get to the ceiling.
  4. There are some localish kids who I always wondered if they'd go this path. The question though is how good do you have to be to make this worth it?
  5. Tony just said he's still a prospect. I'm sure whatever draft position he would fall to would be highly dependent on how he actually performed in college. Maybe he would still be uncompetitive against lefties, or maybe he would have faced some guys that were easy to barrel. It really doesn't matter. I liked the post about him being a 1 level a year guy. It doesn't have to be precisely correct to get the point across. Crede Willems is not an elite prospect, but he's a guy who could continue to develop and have a ML career if his development goes well. You love to have that in this org, particularly at catcher and on a timeline at least a year+ behind Basallo. Hopefully he just keeps putting in the work.
  6. Etzel getting to AA before Bradfield tells me he's taken the lead at the quarter pole. That doesn't mean he'll win the race in the end, but Bradfield has been passed.
  7. For those (like me) wondering how the stuff relates to these results, here's Tony's write-up from the offseason. I'd wager from the results that some of his stuff has improved. Here's hoping he also got a tick or two more on the fastball and improved feel for the secondaries.
  8. Oh, there's already pressure to bring him up. I think he's dealing with a minor injury now, but if he's healthy and playing, I'd wager they'll almost be forced to bring him up in July. The Nationals are low-key good and have a few really nice prospects on the way.
  9. Curse you for even mentioning them in the same sentence! I don't expect lightning in a bottle with this kid. Just hope for health and continued development. I'm sure he'll have some ups and downs as he moves up the ladder. Good luck in Aberdeen, Forret!
  10. LookinUp

    Coby Mayo 2024

    And when you're a competitor, you think I'm not going to interfere with him, but I'm definitely not helping him either because I want to win and (sometimes) I don't want to hurt myself helping the other guy. I'm not saying you're all wrong, but we shouldn't ignore that competitors want to win and don't usually want to help the opponent unless there's an obvious injury. For something like this that happened so quickly, in real time, I don't really think it falls into that category. After when someone that gets hit in the head or otherwise has a bad injury is where you really see all players being in a brotherhood.
  11. I agree with this. He might be a valuable bullpen arm, but I'm not sure he's a backend guy even with the great stuff.
  12. Not that I disagree with your post, but the batting average alone would indicate that Holliday hasn't fixed enough to really flourish in AAA, not to mention the majors. Note, I'm assuming he doesn't have some ridiculously low BABIP even with good LD%, for example. I don't doubt that the kid will eventually be a really good ball player, but I'm starting to wonder how much of that will happen this season.
  13. I get the feeling that teams at all levels prioritize hitting from a player acquisition perspective. Once they acquire the players, sure they work on defense. I think that explains what we're seeing in this org. You can teach a hitter to be a good defender easier, in theory, than you can teach a good defender to be a future major league level hitter.
  14. I follow baseball on much lower levels than we usually talk about here. That said, I see some of the best high school teams around routinely looking pretty bad in the field. I'm sure they work on it, but it really seems like the kids that rake the most get onto the field, and those kids very often didn't grow up with really good defensive fundamentals (footwork, positioning, situational stuff). I wouldn't be shocked if Delmarva's team isn't filled with kids like that. I'm sure player development sees it and will prioritize it.
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