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  1. I agree that the injuries and current roster, despite our pace to match last year’s record, can create some doubt about possible post-season success. That said, I don’t ever like giving up on a season — there are only so many chances to make a run in October. I’m not saying we stay the course no matter what, but a first place team half-way through the season needs to find ways to improve the roster for 2024, not a sell off and and surrender.
  2. Prayers and well wishes Chuck — I look forward to seeing your posts here again soon!
  3. Ah — context. It all makes sense now! I couldn’t imagine many O’s fans being bummed about an owner having fun at a home game.
  4. Late to thread — but to the original post — I think Kimbrel was a decent stand in as a closer while Bautista heals. But I think the Elias plan was based on a blueprint he was required to with with under previous ownership. The Rubenstein Era is starting with a steep learning curve and no one knows if the budget for payroll will grow a little, a lot or not much. So, I would say the next steps of whatever Elias wants to do, will be based on discussions with DR on what the budget will look like going forward. If no big changes are happening on the money front, then I think we will start to see more trades. The OP critique is reasonable, but seems a bit early and due more to injuries and a five game skid, as the team has played pretty darn good before the last week. I do wish we would hear more from the front office about payroll investment or whatever their near term goals are (I am sure they like being competitive, I hope they want even more). The O’s are a playoff team — but I agree we look a few arms short for a run at the World Series.
  5. A bit of a dilemma for me, since I don’t have any idea what our future potential payroll will look like. The lovable new owner and his happy crew of new owners are currently visible, but not a lot of promises about roster building and keeping O’s around. My first take on the question, I don’t know that any of our vets are players the Orioles couldn’t move on without. But if I was the boss and had money to spend, I voted to keep Monty and Tony Taters. If I were DR, I would be looking at adding another front end starter and then finding ways to sign as many of our “kids” as allowed by law.
  6. Last baseball bet for me was 1983, I bet five bucks with a good friend who was a Phils fan. Dude still owes me five dollars. Other than that, I am just not a gambler, the times I did felt like setting cash on fire would have been more fun. That aside, I lean into not judging my friends and family who enjoy betting and/or gambling. I tend to believe folks can choose whatever they want to do, provided it isn’t harmful to them or others.
  7. Much like the Fonz (leather jacket wearing dude from 70’s TV for the young folks) I’m never wrong, but I have been surprised a couple times. I’m surprised our elder outfielders seem to be bouncing back from very slow starts. I shouldn’t have been surprised by Means going back to surgery, but I was. The bullpen has also performed better than I anticipated — although the injuries there may yet derail our relief corps.
  8. I might have agreed with ditching Mateo before the season started and before JH stumbled out of the gate. Instead Mateo has exceeded my 2024 expectations of him and really, he is the best answer at 2B most days, until JH or Corby or someone steps up and earns the spot.
  9. Yikes. I was way, way off. My optimism failed me. The answer was, 59.3 innings combined. 12 starts (8 Bradish, 4 by Means), 2 wins each and respectable ERA’s for the short lived seasons, 2.75 for Bradish and 2.61 for Means.
  10. This is an Orioles Hangout! It’s important, because it’s the dreaded MFY. The Evil Empire. It’s the #$@!*&@^*! Yankees. All wins are extra glorious, and the beer tastes colder against the pin-stripers and losses are always a wee bit more bitter. Rich against poor, good against evil, and every battle is a chance to make the world a better place.
  11. Up to the task and then some during the gauntlet. I’ll take it. The energy coming off the TV from the Yard was electric. It doesn’t get easier, but they are exceeding my expectations during this tough run through the schedule.
  12. I like it best when my O’s win early and often. Take the series and go from there.
  13. I voted Otter. B-Rob is cool and all, but it was fun to hear from Olson this season.
  14. I’m hoping for 5+ innings and he leaves the game with the lead and some level of success to build on, even if he is headed back to the Tides.
  15. As a Maryland native living far from home — I tend to say the whole thing when talking in another state about my team and call them the Baltimore Orioles. However, I understand the point being made, because when I visit home and am talking with family, it’s O’s, Birds or Orioles when talking baseball. When back in Maryland, I don’t even say Baltimore, I roll with Bal’mere when telling folks I’m headed to the city.
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