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  1. The pitching has been really good. I know we are all basically nervous about the bullpen, the effect of losing Bradish, etc, but man the pitching so far has been outstanding. The offense is great but less surprising to me.
  2. He’s totally trolling. @Tony-OH the guy is constantly trying to start another round of bs. I have him on ignore and it barely helps because he gets quoted so much and his bs trolling derails so many threads.
  3. Minor league errors are weird. Manny Machado made 23 errors in 104 games at Bowie in 2012. He basically tied the maximum number of errors committed by a ML shortstop and would have been close to first in errors at 3B in just 104 minor league games. Machado was promoted during that season and looked like the second coming of Brooks, even though Machado made five errors at 3B that season after his promotion. I don't think anybody would argue that Holliday looked great at 2B, but minor league errors or even errors after promotion are definitely not the best way to judge future defense of young players.
  4. I was a huge fan. Was super bummed when he got busted. Was bummed yet again when he tried to blame it on Tejada. Man up or shut up.
  5. He was talking about the AAA lineup right before Norby was called up.
  6. Roch posted that Bradish threw a light bullpen session, so he wasn’t misidentified.
  7. Wow. That’s weird. Thanks for description.
  8. I can’t watch today’s game. What happened?
  9. Very sorry for Means and Wells. Horrible for them. Hope their careers are not over.
  10. I only visit the game threads a few times a season. Threads vary from rational and analytical to almost pure emotion. The game threads are the most emotional. It’s therapy for many, but not fun for me so I mainly avoid them. I think that’s part of the beauty of what Tony has created with the OH. The game threads are a good emotional release for some. The game threads have probably reduced the number of TV remotes that have been thrown across living rooms.
  11. Have you seen the lineups? They are a joke. Hyde has to go too. Insomnia in progress.
  12. Most big free agent contracts “don’t work out” from a WAR per dollar type perspective. But you have to overpay if you want a shot at getting a multi-year World Series window. If Burnes was great for three or four years and the Os made it to the World Series during that time then who cares about the final couple of years on the contract. The Orioles would probably be rebuilding at that point or have entered a better income bracket.
  13. The OBP of the team is improving and is going to improve more. The worst offenders are pretty steadily losing playing time to younger players who are already posting better numbers. If you average the OBP of the starting nine for recent games it’s significantly higher than the overall team average and will keep ticking up as the low OBP guys ride the pine.
  14. The o’s have been fierce against the good teams, no doubt. But playing those good teams can take bit of a toll. Philly’s schedule so far has been so weird. I find it amazing that they have only played 11 games against winning teams.
  15. Playing crappy teams helps. For example, Philly has played only 11 games against teams with a winning record. The Orioles have played 23. It doesn’t explain all the variation, of course, but definitely has an effect.
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