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  1. I called customer support and got the “give us your number and we’ll call you back in queue” option which I took after being on hold for 20 minutes.
  2. I get the same Stay tuned: Event Will Begin Shortly message.
  3. Anyone else having trouble with MLB.tv?
  4. Gotta know your umpire too. That pitch wasn’t called a strike all night. I think that’s why Adley was frustrated, he knew it wasn’t a strike.
  5. Perez can rise to the challenge. I’ve seen it. Will he is the question.
  6. Oh, you quoted my post, so thought you were questioning it.
  7. Who said anything about Mateo hitting into a DP? McCann hit into the DP. And I don’t think a guy who probably knows he’s bad at bunting does it on his own. But you could be right about that, no way to know.
  8. I actually appreciate the info when you do it.
  9. Yep, Akin doing Akin things. Horrible.
  10. No, no I meant his numbers overall when he bunts.
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