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  1. Agreed. At this point, this year is obviously another developmental year for us. We can sort through the prospects and be ready to roll next year. Might be hard to get a rotation to compete with the Yanks and Jays at this point. Hopefully Means come back and we can extend him.
  2. I think the changes with the shift and bases makes him more valuable.
  3. I hear you on Chapman and I don't disagree.
  4. I'd love to see us sign Zach and Chapman. If they bounce back you have a jackpot to trade from if you are not in contention and it does not tie up money long term.
  5. I agree with this. I think it is foolish to think that ownership is going to spend big, especially with the family turmoil. Frankly, the money being handed out right now to the top tier is crazy. I think with all the young talent we almost need one more year to sort out who we should keep. Then try to lock up Gunnar and Adley. Then add a higher end FA or three. I don't want to be patient either.....but I think that is the best course of action.
  6. Agreed. I've said I hope we sign him. If he agrees to catch 60 games a year and DH, then it could extend his career also. The only problem with this could be if they want to DH Santander.
  7. Different years. I am saying that after the 2014 season they let Cruz and Markakis go and made no real effort in FA to "go for it" in a time when both NY and Boston were down. Trumbo was obtained prior to the 2016 season in anticipation of losing Davis, then they resigned Davis. They wasted the 2015 season IMO. Not so coincidentally, this same offseason DD was rumored to be talking to Toronto.
  8. yeah, he could certainly be a back-up middle infielder should we sign one of the big three (Turner, Bogaerts, Correa). And with the bases 4" closer, and doing away with the shift, I think his speed and defensive range make him even more valuable.
  9. No way you waste his arm at 2B.
  10. Trumbo was actually brought in to replace Davis, and then well, we know what they did!
  11. I would say they did not. They lost Cruz and Markakis after the 2014 season and made no significant additions and this was during a "down" time for NY and Boston. Then to try to replace what the lost with Cruz and Markakis they made some terrible trades, as you note.
  12. I agree, but ideally Henderson stays at third while we sign Turner to play short (hoping we have a shot since he may prefer east coast). Turner, Mullins, Henderson is a nice top 3.
  13. I agree. I'd rather spend money than prospects. Justin would be awesome, but short of that a lefty like Rodon would be ideal, considering our left field dimensions.
  14. Career year, try to trade him. We don't need the DH spot tied up next year.
  15. I was definitely being sarcastic. I've been dumbfounded that he has played so much despite not being good at any facet of the game.
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