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  1. 2 bad outings in May but otherwise, he's been good for 2 months.
  2. 3 time All Big 10 Veteran of the year.
  3. I think you're correct. I watched a roundtable discussion a couple of years ago of about 6 active GM's and they all talked about the constant texts exploring deals. I think it's SOP in today's market.
  4. It makes sense. He pitched at Univ of Missouri, he lives just outside St Louis and his wife is a Mizzou grad and from the St Louis area.
  5. I agree that those guys could be weapons in the pen but previous Elias moves make me guess they'll be given every opportunity to start.
  6. 192 innings certainly has value. But that's spending roughly $10M to tell Irvin, Wells and DL Hall that they're likely in the bullpen, where they don't want to be. I think they bring in a guy for significantly less than $10M who they think they can fix who could start, but without the commitment so there's a fair competition between that signee and the 3 above.
  7. It was the prepared game plan. That's what was set up as their way of approaching the Rangers who are one of the best off-speed hitting teams in the majors, if not the best. That's not on Adley.
  8. First batter of the game, Semien, stuck his bat out and singled to left on a 1-2 count. If that's "evident after the first batter", that's some next level evaluation. I've heard a 100 times "you better get him early before he settles in". Guess that isn't possible with our guys.
  9. You said it was evident from the first batter. This guy was one of the best starters in baseball after the ASB. I don't think it's unreasonable to give a young guy, in his first MLB playoff game into the second inning to calm down and find it. Obviously it didn't work out. But I don't think many, if any, MLB managers would have pulled a guy in the first inning there.
  10. Time for you to say Tuesday's game is a must win.
  11. He (Kershaw) just needs more experience.
  12. When would you have taken him out?
  13. Interesting to me and maybe no one else but it certainly appeared that once upon a time, Bill DeWitt felt like he had to make a choice between 2 highly thought of executives, one being John Mozeliak and the other being Jeff Luhnow. It appeared that the easier choice was Mozeliak because Luhnow may have been more difficult to get along with (i.e., control) so Luhnow, Elias and Mejdal left St Louis for Houston. Meanwhile, Mozeliak has made one poor decision after another leading the Cards from an extremely well run team to it's current trainwreck status.
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