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  1. Ah, yes. Came here looking for this thread bump!
  2. Hazmat

    Matthew Etzel 2024

    He has hit safely in each of his first five games at AA and has 4 SBs.
  3. In all seriousness, this looks like some cheap iron-on my mom tried to put on a tshirt for me in the 80’s. They couldn’t even get a nice stitched patch? And a version that matched the color scheme, particularly for the black Jersey? These would look more at home on the Baysox jerseys with the teal colors.
  4. My wife had the same first thought.
  5. 3 hits for Bradfield last night and 2 for Etzel (plus a BB). But while Enrique had 3 singles, Etzel hit a 2B and a 3B.
  6. Wow. The ball didn’t even make it to the wall and he was to third easily. That is some serious speed.
  7. Does Vlad Sr still use an interpreter?
  8. Did Mounty just save Gunnar on that throw?
  9. Haha. Looks like a hat my dad would have wore in 1995.
  10. Anthony Servideo is on a little heater. 2 doubles and 2 homeruns in May to bring him up to .250, .337, .434 for an OPS of .771. It's nice to see him have some success after injuries and disappointing performance in 2023.
  11. The optimist would say at least he was able to foul a couple of those off.
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