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  1. Frustrating game. Feels like we should have had several runs the first few innings. Oh well, move on to the next game. We still won the series.
  2. Texas has to decide their sellers for that to happen.
  3. Yates has yet to give up a dinger this year. This would be a good time for the 1st one to come.
  4. I don't think were paying all of it though.
  5. I have at least some hope when Mateo is up. With McCann I just feel defeated before he even steps in the batters box.
  6. Feels like the Baseball Gods have straight out robbed us this game.
  7. Wonder what the all time low is as long as they've been tracking it? That's gotta be near there.
  8. Oh look, another pitch Heaney gets away with.
  9. This must be killing Means inside not to be able to pitch for this team.
  10. The ball not carrying is hurting us far more than it's hurting them.
  11. I'm kind of sad I won't be able to make Josh Smith rookie jokes after this game.
  12. Feels like one of those should have gone out.
  13. OH complained so much that Hyde reversed his decision.
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