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  1. A big trade, Mayo call up, or a Gunnar / Adley extension.
  2. Day 2 is starting!!!!! Can't wait to get excited or mad about guys I've never heard of until today!
  3. Still just being used at DH for now. .273 / .360 / .409 in the last week. Since returning to AAA from the big leagues he has an .878 OPS with 60 BB and 59 K's.
  4. It appears that according to Fangraphs the O's have ONE bunt hit this year (tied for lowest in majors) on 7 attempts. That's in 91 games. I think it's safe to say bunting is not something we emphasize as an organizational strategy.
  5. Weekly update time! Glad to see Jackson showing a bit more power this last week. He got into 5 games. Hit .333/.583/.733 with 3 doubles and a homer. 9 BBs and 6 K's!! Looks like the bat may be coming around. Now we just need to get him actually playing the field again..........
  6. And after this discussion yesterday, Holliday hit a HR last night in the 8th. Love to see it.
  7. Holliday hits a lot of singles (plus a fair amt of doubles obv) and has yet to top 12 HR in a season. I don't think there's much reason to think pitchers would be scared to pitch to him. I think Holliday simply has a batting eye that is way above average. If it is off the plate he just will not swing at it. This is a great skill for a hitter to have, obviously...........however when he comes back to MLB he is likely going to see more pitches in the strikezone until he proves he can do damage to them.
  8. OK, as Holliday is now actually playing baseball games again, I feel like it's time to return to these updates. He only played in 4 games this past week. He went 3 for 12 (with 6 BB). His line was .250/.500/.333. Since returning to AAA overall he is hitting .252/.425/.421 (.847). 48 BB to 50 K's. Elite plate discipline, but would really love to see him driving the ball just a little bit more.
  9. Tonight's game: MASN Saturday night: FOX Sunday night: ESPN
  10. Aglets

    Coby Mayo 2024

    From what i can remember. When Elias says something about a top prospect like "he is very close to ready" or "he will get a chance real soon at this rate" I think that typically means a promotion is coming within a couple of weeks at most. I think Mayo could be up before the ASB. Guess we will see.
  11. *pushes up glasses* The Yankees have already completed 82 games. So he is actually on pace for just under 60. Still, a phenomenal player and the rare Yankee great that I don't mind rooting for at times as long as they are playing someone else.
  12. Obligatory post that although we all worry so much about how bad our pitching is (myself included)............we are currently tied with NYY for a 3.39 ERA. Good for 3rd in all of baseball. So a lot of other teams would love to have pitching as 'poor' as we do.
  13. Agree with Sports Guy. I think we need multiple relief arms that can shorten the game. At least one more starter would probably help a lot too.
  14. I don't get why people wouldn't understand how some people might like to discuss it when they have a guy worth the most WAR in the game halfway through the season and he's only 22 years old. (Full disclosure his birthday is Saturday. Hopefully people here don't take it too hard, heh.)
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