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  1. This clip shows Bradish shaking his elbow a few times. Also throwing 99 which might have had something to do with it. I hope he learned his limitations. Kyle Bradish's strong start against Phillies | 06/14/2024 | MLB.com
  2. Gibson has a career 5.09 ERA in the 2nd half. And he turns 37 in October. He's due for some regression.
  3. That probably happens but its not a big deal. Smartphones probably do tons of data tracking on what you search online. And they know exactly where you are at all times.
  4. You wont know until you use it. I mostly I ask it question about stocks but its advanced intelligence. It has potential to do alot of things like predict future outcomes.
  5. I use MS Edge which is based off chrome because of the free AI chatbot built into the browser. It was a huge deal when it first came out. I dont know if other browsers have caught up.
  6. I think its more satisfying if you lose the 1st then win the last two.
  7. It was the 2nd game of a double header, the first was delayed by rain for several hours off and on. The umpires decided to play Game 2 for whatever reason. Here's the game for anyone who wants to watch it. The Padres used Andy Benes their ace for the 1:28am start.
  8. Sure if you can get him to say yes.
  9. At least we now know he has pro-grade HR power. Aberdeen's a tough park to hit them out and he cleared the fence easily. Im encouraged.
  10. I would be happy if he went 5 innings with two ER or less. 2BB or less. If he gets 6 or more K's I dont think he gets sent down, but I could be wrong.
  11. Yeah really, its remarkable how well he's pitched since returning from a strained UCL. Thats not supposed to happen. Still no HR's allowed this year.
  12. $75m yeah, unfortunately it sounds like these are here for good. I really dont like them. Aren't ads on the outfield walls good enough?
  13. Maybe Bradfield will make some adjustments and hopefully hit the weight room in the offseason. Could be wishful thinking on my part, but he clearly needs to do something. Etzel's lapping him at the moment.
  14. None of these look good at all. Eventually this will lead to patches on the opposite sleeve, and then something opposite the swoosh and maybe opposite the jersey number and so on.
  15. Yeah have to admit that. Circular looks much better. Some of these patches look terrible.
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