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  1. Minor league spring training is still going on then. Current players won't be there.
  2. Based on the pictures, they look like things you can order from overseas....
  3. For the love of everything, do not do the "grind the pepper" thing the Dodgers, erm, "claimed" was the meaning of their celebration a few seasons ago...
  4. Maybe it’s just me, but players and staff overall seemed a lot more “fan friendly” and happy to meet people when the team sucked…
  5. Stevie Wilkerson is now the hitting coach for the Braves Florida Complex League. Former Oriole’s farmhand Wynston Sawyer is the new manager of the Augusta Green Jackets.
  6. What’s even worse is that for Holliday, people had to pay money to attend the event and already bought in. Really bad look here.
  7. I really feel bad for the people who signed up to attend these events just to see some players, who are now dropping out.
  8. While true, that is what made FanFest so fun. Multiple trips through the "promotions" room, where you would get leftovers from the giveaways the previous season.
  9. It's as real as the old Michael Vick Powerade commercial.
  10. He probably wants to focus on coming into Spring Training in the best shape of his life and having the ball come out of his hand really well.
  11. It has been a couple of years (last time I went was 2020), but there was a fantastic Mexican restaurant across the street from Ed Smith Stadium. I can vouch for the minor league complex. I don't know what access is like now, but there are four fields that have their back stops close to each other. You can sit on the bleachers and watch 2 games at once, and look around as often as you want. Minor league players would also sit in the bleachers. I sat next to Ryan Mountcastle and Alex Wells one game, and Chris Clare's grandfather another. During one time, Wells happened to look over at a game behind us and saw a foul ball coming right at us, so I got the Australian warning of "heads up, mate!" Dunedin was an interesting stadium, with the "floating" walkway in the outfield.
  12. Pays more than the independent league and could lead to coaching.
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