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Who needs football? Full day of baseball today


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Ian Kinsler - 2B

Torii Hunter - RF

Miguel Cabrera - 1B

Victor Martinez - DH

J.D. Martinez - LF

Nick Castellanos - 3B

Eugenio Suarez - SS

Bryan Holaday - C

Rajai Davis - CF

Maxwell M. Scherzer - RHP (16-5, 3.26 ERA)


Alcides Escobar - SS

Nori Aoki - RF

Josh Willingham - DH

Alex Gordon - LF

Salvador Perez - C

Eric Hosmer - 1B

Omar Infante - 2B

Mike Moustakas - 3B

Jarrod Dyson - CF

"Big Game" James Shields -RHP (14-7, 3.15 ERA)


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Pulling for KC. I think we match up better with them in the playoffs. Particularly, I think Gonzalez and Norris match up really well against them pitching-wise, and I don't want to gamble against Price/Scherzer/Verlander picking up their game in a short playoff series.

KC's bullpen is downright scary, but then again, Yost doesn't know how to manage a bullpen nearly as well as Buck does.

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I think the confusion lies in the fact that an out was never recorded on the field (in other words, the Tigers never threw to 3B to appeal nor tagged Perez at home or thereafter). The umpires probably hesitated on that point, though isn't there a rule about leaving the field of play as a baserunner?

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Poor KC is going to miss the playoffs outright.....they have been awful against Detroit this year and are losing again today.....big brother showing little brother that they aren't quite ready yet.

Going to come down to Oakland, Seattle, and New York for 2 wild card spots (I don't count Cleveland). The Blue Jays are basically useless now, but they have 4 games at home against Seattle and if they win 3 of the 4, then that opens things up for the others.

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