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National Signing Day


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Early Enrollees:

Deon Jones, 4 Star CB

Markquese Bell, 4 Star S

Fofie Bazzie, 3 Star CB

Nick Underwood, 3 Star LB

Tyran Hunt, 3 Star OL

Alex Woods, 3 Star CB

Bryce Brand, 3 Star LB

Ryan Brand, walk on QB, 3 Star out of high school








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29 minutes ago, birdwatcher55 said:

Stars aside, how does this class stack up nationally? And what are we doing at QB?? Big position of need.

Kasim Hill, 4 star QB.  Looks like we'll finish with a top 20 class. 

We just picked up a surprise commitment from another 4 star running back.  Cordarrian Richardson.  We're absolutely loaded at running back. 

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30 minutes ago, birdwatcher55 said:

Stars aside, how does this class stack up nationally? And what are we doing at QB?? Big position of need.

Like Art said, MD picked up Kasim Hill in this class. They also have former 4 Star UNC transfer Caleb Henderson joining this year.


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    • I expect them to win 91 games. Adley and Gunnar will combine for over 12 war, which I believe is a bit more than a slight improvement over last year for C and 3B/some SS. I also expect Grod to give them roughly 100 innings under a 3.20 ERA. Means, I expect to pitch 80 innings and be effective enough.  Cowser may break camp with the team if they don’t pick anyone up and if he performs well in ST. Cowser and Santander can rotate LF/DH/day off and plug Stower in to that mix as well. 
    • I think he’s probably closer to the guy he’s been the last 2 years than everything previous. Maybe somewhere around the average of the two? That would be good for us versus number close to last season. 
    • https://www.masnsports.com/blog/gibson-i-ve-always-enjoyed-playing-in-baltimore
    • Yea, I wonder about the opportunity cost of winning a Senga or Bassitt bid from here. The key Astroball acquisitions weren't just for short-term pitchers, they were for awesome pitchers.     Senga and Bassitt are very good but shy of that. I won't loathe it if we slip some down the Manaea-Stripling-Kluber ugly tree if the trade off is not committing a $20mm salary slot four years hence.    If you can't spend as much on SP as you intended efficiently, you can redistribute some to a reliever, better bat, or diamond plating the force plates at the Bel Air pitching lab. I do take it as a given if the team is competitive the true acid test for the #1 farm system and Elias organizing the shape of his assets is in July.    I don't know whose team is going to bust out of Ohtani's team, Burnes/Woodruff's team, Lynn/Giolito/Cease's team or Miami again but somebody or several somebody's teams will.     I don't think four months of something like the Bassitt-Kluber delta will make or break Adley's team. If we land some awesome pitcher for 0.5 or 1.5 years this summer and hope for more than the rental, needing $65mm for say your Mullins, Bassitt and Woodruff in 2025 is a lot as Adley and Gunnar start pulling in bigger chunks.    You might have to non-tender Mountcastle or Hays.
    • Mets sign Nimmo 8 years 162 million.   How they can’t figure out a salary cap to make it semi fair is beyond me.   The Mets payroll is over 300 million now.  Just insane.
    • Orioles think he  will be better than Lyles or they would have signed Lyles instead.
    • and the Dumpster Diving Award goes to...the Baltimore Orioles for the umpteenth year in a row!!  
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