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  1. No I won’t! Wtf? (Welcome to FL)
  2. Yo! Know that dude! Sometimes two
  3. Hey! What cho mean always bruh?
  4. Throwing corn kernels at kids running across his lawn or rock garden in AZ?
  5. Today’s Sun article says “the plan is for him to see game action in center over the next week.” Matt Weyrich
  6. @RZNJ gets out and about when the weather turns a bit warmer and ingests those fumes from the NJ Turnpike and his brain goes to mush.
  7. That’s what I’m talking about! But wow - “the atomization of run prevention “. Perhaps a re-parlance of Bill James or @Gurgi. I dunno but keep bringing it. We love you!
  8. Obfuscation is the is the greatest form of expression because it leaves so much between the lines (pun intended).
  9. Siri is their starting CF and Palacios homered and killed us in the Drew Rom game last year in StL.
  10. And the (crafty southpaw) Krookster and Nolan Hoffman with 3 Ks each
  11. Cionel Perez v Rays 1 IP, 4 H, 4ER, 1K, 1HR
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