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  1. Extended forecasts in Maryland are a fool's errand. Show up, and pray!
  2. I prefer he has to borrow a glove if he is forced into playing defense at all.
  3. I have a ton of faith in the FO, but the way the poll was worded, had to cast my vote a little lower. We won't know for years - if ever - which offers were made but rejected. Grayson has given everything I was hoping for from Bradish. Burnes has exceeded the hype. So, we need to replace the #3/#4 pitcher we expected Grayson to be. Suarez is still a great surprise. Kremer, in my mind, is trending upward. A solid #3 would be thrilling. On the reliever front, one solid (non-elite) leverage-type reliever can push Tate/Baker/Akin back to Tidewater and make the whole BP look better. And Coloumbe returns for the push. I guess I'm saying we don't need an ace and a closer, but a #3 and a 7th inning specialist. Should be doable.
  4. I heard from an OPACY staffer that he was told the 2029 ASG is slated for Camden Yards. (A worker, not an executive.)
  5. Nadel is a good announcer.
  6. Any word on Mountcastle? Is he hurting?
  7. Mad Max is quaking in his boots fearing this Orioles line up. Hit him early, and hit him hard!
  8. Those 10k pride jerseys were gone by 5:40!
  9. How nice was seven solid innings from Grayson last night? That's the winning ticket! When you have to start the "reliever roulette wheel" in the 5th inning, you're asking for disaster. They used to say, "You're only as good as tomorrow's starting pitcher." Now, it's morphed into "You're only as good as the next reliever." Fewer relievers used = better chances.
  10. High in the zone, but yes, in the zone. I wouldn't say "fat," though... https://www.mlb.com/video/jhonkensy-noel-homers-1-on-a-fly-ball-to-center-field?partnerId=web_video-playback-page_video-share
  11. ChipTait

    Kevin Brown

    Not trying to take anything away from Kevin, but I get the feeling as part of his preparation for any game or series, he stashes a few puns just off the side of his scorebook to use if - and only if - the situation comes into play. This just shows me he's a true pro, and that he takes the prep seriously. Are some of them completely spontaneous? Certainly, I'm sure. Punsters gonna pun! So glad he's back from his ESPN sojourn. Get Palmer back and the broadcasts will be even better.
  12. My wife commented that Yankee Stadium was "quiet as a morgue" the last two innings. And, I loved Manso putting up the stop sign in the 9th. Pity is better than gloating!
  13. Underpromise and over deliver?
  14. And you just gotta think that someone in the outfield fell down for four of the six. Only two of those guys were "fast."
  15. Their current bench does not strike fear into anyone.
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