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  1. Barstool Sports betting clown. I doubt he really knows anything.
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/orioles/s/8NuRcGUd7v Noice!
  3. I get it. But it wouldn't happen here. He's buried. I like the trade because we're in a win now window. Ask me a few years ago and I would have said I'd rather keep the youngins, but we have a real shot in 2024 and Burnes could be a huge part of that.
  4. Good grief. That game took a few years off my life. This was one helluva series. And yeah, a great stretch overall.
  5. Oh man. That Mullins catch was incredible. Too bad about the next pitch.
  6. I saw him vs altuve. Several very uncomfortable looking swings.
  7. Dave is building a strong case for robot umps work hours explanation.
  8. Maybe we'll wind up with Gio after all
  9. Seems like an overpay for Graveman at first glance.
  10. Mid game trades get my juices flowin'
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