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  1. Orioles are going to have to find a replacement for Burnes somehow next season. I think if they can get a pitcher who is under control for an extra year or more, the O's need to be aggressive in doing so. I think this is a fair trade.
  2. If Burnes or Westburg weren't to make the All-Star Game (of course Burnes will), they'd be legit snubs. 3B is pretty deep, though. The other guys, I don't think they'd be snubs. Mountcastle could make it at 1B because it's such a weak position. Kimbrel could make it because of his name value. I don't think the rest of them make it.
  3. How do you type with only one finger, Willie?
  4. Not sure why Mateo just gave up on the play
  5. Up 11 now, Roy’s blood pressure from this game is probably down to only “high” now
  6. If he keeps hitting, maybe. But I think we’re looking at Gunnar, Adley, Westburg and Burnes. Possibly Mountcastle because the 1B are incredibly weak this year.
  7. Yanks commentators thought the same earlier in the game. Actually they are talking about it now too.
  8. Or maybe they had a bad game
  9. Aren’t the O’s at their roster limit for pitchers? Maton doesn’t make a difference in this regard
  10. The game thread is melting in the middle of an 11-5 game
  11. He did have the opportunity. The offense gave him 11 runs
  12. How do you survive a 162 game season?
  13. You can situationally use Mateo on the basepaths when needed
  14. I think you're looking into it a bit much. He didn't start the first game against the Yankees, anyways.
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