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John Lannan optioned


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Pretty ballsy move.

I wonder what they were asking for him in a trade.

I would have liked to see him in Baltimore if it didn't take all that much.

Thanks for the article. I'm not sure if would have wanted to give up very much for him.

I love this quote:

By sending Lannan to the minors, the Nationals will stunt Lannan’s service time clock as he stands two years away from free agency, and one year from a big payday in his final arbitration-eligible season. The Nationals have no obligation to act in any player’s best financial interest, or in any interest other than their own. Let the record show this was a cold-blooded, baseball-first move that involved a longtime contributor – a popular pitcher who ranked as the second longest tenured National. To do what they believed helped their chances to win in 2012 most, the Nationals in no small way harmed Lannan, a reliable, valuable contributor through some miserable seasons. That’s the business.
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